I don't like the new annotation style: why change and can it change back please

Hi, just opened my calendar and I really do not like this new annotation style.

I appreciate it is now distinct from the 'Week 1 …" markers. That is an improvement. I use annotations a lot to put a code next to each session so I am clearer what each contains, or to explain a race or outside ride. I just find these with a single upper border more indistinct and not as simple to read. Especially when there are two or three above a session. Sorry. Not sure what this changed? (Maybe I’ll get used to them, but first reaction - urghh)

MORE IMPORTANTLY, if you were changing annotations, why not put the cursor immediately in the “Notes name” field , instead of having to choose annotation, then position the cursor in the top box. I suggested that at least a year ago, and assumed it was on the list of “Good ideas”.

I love TR by the way. Minor irritation, and good to see improvements…


Thanks for the honest feedback. There’s unfortunately not an option to change this back to the any prior settings via the web app. I think the goal here was for increased visibility and to be a bit more intuitive based upon differing feedback, but your input is noted for sure.

I love it!
The old one was bulky and added a lot of real estate.


Seconded - I agree. Hopefully it’s one of those things we just end up getting used to. I’m sure some will like it and some won’t. But I definitely don’t.

They take up the same amount of real estate as before, possibly even a bit more, they just don’t have the grey background to them anymore so maybe less “bulky” in that regard.

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Hi, just on this point, to my eyes the visibility of annotations has been significantly reduced. I can’t see how this has achieved the goal of increased visibility.

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And really, THAT’S the update that needed to be made to the Calendar?? :joy:


I don’t like the update either

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Thanks @IvyAudrain. Two thoughts:

  1. I really would like not to have to click on the fieldto start an annotation . Is this still in the list of enhancements? When I raised this a year or so back, Chad went, “That is so obvious” or something like that.
  2. So I have a clearer view of each workout, and the progression, I abbreviate the description of a workout to something that fits in the annotation, For instance: Above Taylor-2 and Donner I put a short form in that I try to fit into the limited visible space. eg

“Taylor-2 VO2 3x14m 30/30s@120% 5mr”
“Donner Thd 3x12m@95-99% 6mr”

I sometimes think a bit more space, either a smaller font, or the ability to wrap, would help. Or even where the annotation is not fully visible, (ie there are three dots at the end) hovering over it on the pc would display it.

Just a thought…

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This is something that has bugged me for ages.

Really, when you create a new Annotation or edit an existing one, it’s a UX no-brainer to place the cursor focus into the “Notes Name” text field so you’re good to go to begin typing without resorting to moving the mouse or tabbing to the right field…

And if I’m being really picky, that field be titled “Annotation Name”, or else Annotations should be renamed as Notes. Consistency is all.

I used to review UI/UX stuff all the time, so I’m a real annoying B*%7$!# when it comes to calling out this kind of stuff :open_mouth: :wink:


So not just me then wanting the cursor in the annotation name … but I do not have quite so much angst about it. For me it is a silly irritant, easily fixed. :slight_smile:

Nope, don’t like it either. Not distinctive enough / too hard to see at a glance.

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I like it on the desktop app and in browser. :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks for the feedback, not many of our athletes work specifically in UI/UX so this is super valuable! Passing along to the team. :v:

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