Off the couch FTP

So my buddy whom rides a a few times a month at most just did his first ftp test on his wife’s new peloton and texted me, did 334 for 20 min for and ftp of around 4.2 w/kg. I’ve had to train hard for years just to flirt with 300 watts/ 4 w/kg. Life is not fair.

Key is the device. The peloton bikes are know to overstate power by a lot. So a piece of mind, you are likely well well ahead of your mate.

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Wow for the price of that thing it doesn’t even have a power meter ?

I can’t usually drop him so I know he’s somewhat fit but idea of 334 watts no training made me just a little jealous.

Yea the first generation Pelotons are kind of a crapshoot for power, I always see people on my Strava feed putting up way more optimistic numbers than their IRL performance would indicate is possible

If you look at the DC comparison the unit he has seems to be off by up to 7%. That would place your mate at 3.8 wpkg. Some sources on the internet state even bigger discrepancies. So it’s save to assume that your wpkg outperforms your mate. So all the hard work was worth it. :wink:

I bet your couch is good at long duration easy efforts though :grinning:


My Tacx Vortex also used to make me think that my FTP was 50 watts greater than it actually was. Hard efforts would spike 70 watts greater!

Maybe I’ll use it again if I ever race Zwift. :slight_smile:

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Usually the best thing for overall comparison of performance on the road is speed :slight_smile:

Well we’re both doing same race in a few weeks so we will see, but now I know to just sit on his wheel at least.

Any chance you can do an FTP test on his Peloton?

Yeah, but what about ON the couch FTP?

Mine’s gotta be up around 6-700 w/ full glute activation. :peach::grin:

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I know the feeling.
A friend bought his first road bike last week. Later that day I got the screenshot of his first ride.

OK this speed with 6 m elevation and no wind can easily be managed with 200-210 watts maybe, which is good for a beginner but not exceptional

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Sounds like you have been riding with him before. That’s not an off the couch FTP. If someone has been riding a fair bit whether or not unstructured they’ll have some fitness

My ftp after not riding for a bit after a tramatic head injury after a crash in January dropped down to 250w and I was almost 150lbs.

Average heart rate was 181bpm too, I’m guessing he was going as hard as possible for an hour.

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