Off season schedule: what does your week look like?

Creatures of habit read on.

Off season looms. I am interested in how others are configuring their standard week. I clearly operate better with a weekly routine of exercise/training and monthly I can make changes to suit aims/motivation. My family life seems to be better organised when my ‘windows’ for training are fixed and I train the same time each week within reason. I am a teacher so the timetable approach is engrained.

So my question is how do you arrange your exercise throughout the off season week outside of the TR plans. Which I find great by the way.

I only bike race during the season and have no xc, tt or road competition until March.

Points for me to consider:
I value strength training and I’d call it running, but at the moment it’s jogging, for the joint/bone benefit and ease of preparation/change of scenery.
Regards strength, I have invested time (2/3 30 min sessions a week) over the last number of years and don’t see the benefit of doing much more. Just an opinion, if I push too hard in these sessions I am pretty fatigued for supplementary bike sessions during the week.

I enjoy Mtb and off road/gravel rides in the winter.

So what are your plans for off season: and how do you get the beat out of the week for motivation/consistency and enjoyment?

Here is my current week:
Monday: 30 min gym and run or 1 hour tr session

Tuesday: 90 min morning outdoor gravel ride or pm spinning 90min

Wednesday: 20 min jog (building time up) 60 min trainer road

Thursday: am Mtb 90 min ride

Friday: 30 min gym indoor soccer 60 mins

Saturday: 90 min spinning class or 2 hour Mtb/ gravel or local 5km Park run with some extra kms.

Sunday: club spin or evening trainer road outside workout 2/3hrs

I’m following the FasCat 10-Week Weight Lifting Plan, so it changes during the Adaptation and Hypertrophy phases but right now it’s lift Mon, Wed, Fri; ride Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun; off Thu. Realistically I add in a recovery ride on Thu for five rides and three lifts per week, doubling on Wednesdays, work and life permitting.

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That looks like a solid plan!

This “off season” I will be doing the TR Base plan for the first time. I am also a teacher and appreciate the fixed schedule… but I tend to keep mine pretty fluid in the sense that if it is nice outside I ride outside. I am lucky in that our winters are mild here, usually 50-60F and not too much rain thanks to our California drought (though we need it) and will bump a workout later in the week if the riding is nice.

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I’m going back to something like what I was doing before in the off season as it worked well for me in the past. I was following a MV plan but often substituting the week end for Group rides. With AT I was advised to switch to a LV plan to help it calculate but as the season has went on I think the three HIT sessions was wearing me down. The MV plans have 2 HIT sessions and 1 LIT session midweek. So I am swapping out the middle HIT session of the LV plan and after a few wees of doing so it seems to be working for me again.

The plan at the moment is:

Mo - Rest
Tu - Cycle Commute / HIT (currently SS)
Wed - LIT
Thu - HIT (currently threshold)
Fri - Rest
Sat - Group Ride (Circa 60miles road)
Sun - Group Ride (social gravel ride)

I was doing a group ride on the Wednesday evening a reasonable tempo chaingang but with the darker evenings and less stable weather that may fall by the wayside.

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For me at the moment it is basically just strength and maintenance until the new base season starts. I’m building towards a peak on July 2 for a long mountain Gran Fondo.

So right now:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday am: Gym (squads, deadlifts and core)
  • Tuesday pm: Endurance ride 60-90min (some low cadence tempo after 60min)
  • Wednesday: 2-4 hour Endurance ride
  • Thursday: Endurance ride 60-90min (some tempo after 60min)
  • Friday: Gym (squad, deadlift, core)
  • Saturday: 2-4 hour Endurance ride
  • Sunday: Intervals; alternating VO2Max and Sprints

Thanks for this info and insight.

At the moment I’m in limbo between base training as a focus, weight training and running for off season gains. On that note this popped into my inbox today. Throw on top of that the sessions from tr. as a result I almost mix and mash up a selection each week with a ‘non negotiable’ back bone or core of the week.

It probably isn’t super progressive in returns but seems good to variety, motivation and general fitness.

Nothing new here, rather a reinforcer of good practice. Some nice takeaways however.