Oatmeal at night - my experience so far

I just make a huge pot of oats - 24 oz dry steel cut oats - at once, and then reheat in the microwave. It usually lasts about a week +/- depending on my ride schedule.

I usually make it with just water, or sometimes I mix in beaten eggs while cooking to add extra nutrients and give it a creamier texture.

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I do the same with an Instant Pot.

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What instant pot cooking settings are you using for the oats?

I just do high pressure for 20 minutes and natural pressure release. I also like to rinse and soak my steel cut oats so that may affect cooking time if you don’t. If I end up with some extra liquid, I just laddle it out before stiring. If you use too little water in the Instant Pot you’ll get the burn message though it will still cook.

Woah 20 mins! I’ve always done 4 mins on high pressure and natural release (18 minutes). Gives a fantastic texture.

You forgot to mention the best part.

These things play a song when your food is ready.

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I’m talking about steel cut oats.


Same here. I guess it all depends on what link you click-on during your search.

Steel Cut Oats

I’ll have to give the 20 mins HP a try though and compare myself.