Oakley Jawbreakers worth the price?

Good the hear about the sutros. I opted for the carbon 24k gold pair which have taken my eye since Bernal had a pair on riding into the champs-élysées last year at the tour. I love the look of a massive lens.

I read something a while ago about part of the price being the R&D that goes into ensuring that if you crash the glasses don’t suddenly turn into pointy stabby knife things right next to your eyes…


Oakley are definitely spending too much on their R&D, then. :rofl: Those fakey lenses probably wouldn’t shatter if they were at 0 kelvin.

But I will concede that real Oakley’s have better optical quality. It’s not $200 better but it’s better. And it’s easier to keep the lens clean. But the number one thing Oakleys have going for them is cognitive dissonance.

Well to be honest I’ve got 3 sets of fake branded sunglasses and they don’t last very long either the arms go weak and never seem to fit your face properly after a few miles on the bike. That’s why I was contemplating the real deal sort of thing. I’m sure some of the fake alternatives are better though and I’ve just picked the wrong ones of a bad bunch.

Got the jawbreaker with prizm trail lens, they’re great. Can’t ride a yard without glasses or I would loose my contacts. Those trails lens are Fine even in murky conditions. Not sure if they really increase contrast, but the polarized lens do seem sharper especially in the woods.

Overall very happy with the jawbreaker. And if you’re flexible to pick the cheapest design and lens you can find they are not that expensive. I’ve got a good deal on the prism trail and then got some aftermarket revant lens for a darker tint and they are pretty much on par with Oakley for a fraction of the price.

I believe all Oakleys are worth their price. Seriously great lenses. Even though they cost a lot.



Just received my Oakley Sutro and you can 100% tell the difference in quality and the lens quality is seems top notch. Like HD vision.

I’m looking at a new prizm lenses and was wondering if anyone compared the some of the other lenses? The obvious choice for road riding would be would be the prizm road or jade, but has anyone tried the prizm golf. It’s generally pretty sunny where I ride and was wondering if the 30% transmission would be too much?

I love mine with Prizm Road lens, 100% recommend them and would buy again if needed.

i went from a $50 pair of Siroko, to a prizm Jawbreakers, and although it is not a fair comparison, I really like my Jawbreakers. I sweat a lot and the venting on the Jawbreakers keep the lenses much more clear. I also like the clarity of the lenses, which provide more details on the road. It’s way better than polorized lenses which only darken what you see.

I’m also looking to upgrade my Decathlon glasses to Oakley Jawbreakers or Radar EV. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the multiple lens/color options. Does it matter what outside color the lens are (except of aesthetics, that is)? Does it matter if they are Prizm or standard?

Take prizm Glas es they make great color and, more important, contrast!
Which one is depending on you…Do you ride in the evening, in forrests and so on.
I prefer not so dark glasses.
100% UV Protection.
And, if possible, try them in a Shop while wear Ing you helmet and in riding Position. So you are shure to have a clear field of view

I can’t speak to the Jawbreakers frames, but the Oakley lenses are definitely worth the price. I have a pair of the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL and there is night-and-day difference between the Oakley lenses and the lenses in every other brand I’ve tried.

Agreed - the Prizm Road lenses are brilliant.

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I’ve been an Oakley fanboi for 30+ years…but I was pretty disappointed in the jawbreakers. Honestly, they are quite a bit heavier than most of the other glasses I have used and it becomes noticeable on longer gravel rides.

Last fall I gambled on Roka Matadors…and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Oakley. Lighter, better field of vision, don’t slip at all and optics on par with Oakely (maybe a slight edge to the O brand).

Only “downside” to the Matadors is that lens changes aren’t quite as easy w/o a hinged frame…but that is a pretty minor complaint overall and doesn’t impact the on-bike performance.

Definitely worth a look.

I bought an Oakley Sutro with Black friday deal last year and got 50% off, so it is really super cool, but normal prices are to high for me!

Make sure they fit your face, when I wear them I get sweat running down the inside of the lens which just ruins my vision even if I try to wipe it off it just smudges everything and I feel like I’m looking through a Rubbermaid container

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I have a pair of flight jackets. They fit great, look good and I have a second set of clear lenses for riding in the evening or low-light.

Just make sure to buy from an authorized dealer. I had an issue with the hinge pin, then don’t make replacements (I was a bit surprised they can’t repair, I even went to the local Oakley corporate store in my area), but Oakley shipped me a new pair under warranty. My only disappointment is they didn’t carry the model I bought and the new frames and lenses were a different color.

Long time Oakley user but agree, the Roka Matador’s are insanely good. I did a custom set with the HC Ion Mirror lens (Low Light - Overcast - 40% Light Transmission) and they are fantastic for my gravel rides where the terrain changes from open road to tree cover regularly. They are really comfortable and provide really good coverage.