Prescription Shades for the bike

Hi Folks,

I am in need of getting some new glasses for general use and the pair I use on my bike are about 5 years old with a VERY old prescription in them. I can still read the computer and the cars are sufficiently in focus that I can avoid them. But, every time I go to the opticians for new glasses I promise myself a new set for the bike/general casual wear etc. I nearly always end up staring longingly at the Oakleys but then I start researching the price.

Last time I looked at a pair of Vari-focal Oakleys with Reactolight and anti-glare they were nearly £650. Eyewateringly expensive. See what did there? glasses, eyewateringly…I should be on stage.

Anyway, I can’t afford/justify £600 for glasses so I am curious to know what other brands of glasses my fellow TrainerRoaders who are of the visually challenged persuasion use.

Ideally looking for super quality shades at a ridiculously cheap price. A man can hope.



I have an EVIL EYE HALFRIM PRO with vario. This means depending on the sunlight they adapt. I use adidas insert clip for the correction. Works like a charm. I uses these glasses for cycling, skiing, riding in the car,…

Budget around 300-400 euros

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Thanks V-2. I will have a poke around. They look very interesting… Do you find they are still comfortable with the clips? They look like they go on the inside of the glasses…

Correct…see pictures of mine…the cool thing if you buy a new adidas one you can simply use the same inserts…check for compatibility first…my inserts are 8 years old, the glasses is 2 months old, my previous Adidas got broken in a fall.

image image

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I am far sighted, and Oakley only goes to +200 says my optometrist. Since I am closer to +450, I get Ray Bans which are cheaper, but my vision insurance takes a chunk off. Wrapped lenses don’t work at my prescription, but these addidas things might be what i need. Good info!

I have had varifocals in normal life for about a year or so, but don’t have any correction in my cycling glasses.

Having said that, I can recommend my Rudy Project glasses, and have heard good things about RX Sport for prescription sports lenses in the UK.

One question though - would you really need/want progressive lenses on the bike? I find going downstairs is sometimes quite disconcerting while wearing mine and can’t imagine how I’d feel if I kept looking up/down while moving on the bike.

Liberty Sport has affordable choices. I use Panton 370 with progressive lenses

Oakley Flak Jackets for me. Expensive, but the Oakley optics can’t be beat.

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I use the Sunwise Austin Carbon

Was ÂŁ180 including my prescription inserts with my local opticians.

Smith Optics also does prescription. I have a pair of bifocal readers that were very reasonably priced

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Thanks guys, this gives me some stuff to research. great to get such useful info.

I haven’t used them, but I did find this place online that can make any sunglasses with removable lenses into prescription glasses.

I was using the Rudy Project RX glasses because I have a very high prescription. After using it for several years, and getting dry eyes and pollen, I decided to find RX glasses that wrap and seal my face better. I found this Opticus and I have to say that this was the best investment I ever made for my cycling equipment. I no longer have issues with my eyes on my bike and the photochromatic RX lenes I ordered is perfect for the riding I do where sun and shade changes abruptly and frequently on the country roads around Sonoma County in California.

Thanks. As I am UK based I’m so sure on this one. Although they do free shipping. I will add it to my list though. Will post back once I have made a decision.

I’ve gone with @V-2’s option and ordered the Adidas. They seemed like the best option for me but thanks for all the suggestions. I will post a picy when they arrive.

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Prior to switching to contacts, I had several pairs of Rudy Projects with the Rx adapter. I could have several tinted shields without paying for multiple rx lens. Also, my ordinary optomitrist could make the lens for the rx adapter.

Yes that’s what I did for a while too. I liked them, but prefer contacts. Am seriously thinking about eye surgery though.

Oakley prizm prescriptions with the trail tint. Yes, crazy expensive and I’m terrified of dropping them. Did have a lens pop out, arghhhh! But will never go back. HD clarity and great in shadows, amazing.

They have now arrived. One ride done and very pleased with the purchase. Thanks, @V-2 for the suggestion.


If anyone from the UK is interested I ordered them from here.
By the time I loaded all the options they were just over ÂŁ300. Still painful but not as expensive as Oakleys.

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Really happy for you…i am glad you like them…no excuses!!!

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