Number of times completed a workout (Feature Request)


Just a thought.

It would be nice to sort Workouts by times completed or not (rather than starring a favorite).

As I search for workouts to complete I tend to always select the ones I’ve read before, or never go down the entire list and stop somewhere between C and G, therefore never really seeing the extent of what’s out there.

At the same time, I’d like to see what workout I’ve done repeatedly and possibly see if I’ve improved on it (sort of like a Strava segment).

Again, just an idea. Playing Ice Hockey and jumping back on Trainerroad are probably the only reasons why I kinda look forward to winter coming.

Greeting from Michigan!



Hey @Giorgio_Orlandi,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature requests with us!

This is an interesting point! I will pass this idea onto the team for consideration.

For this one, we actually have a feature in place already :slight_smile:

When you view a workout, you can scroll down and select the “My Rides” tab to see all of the different times you have completed that workout. You can then ctrl-click each instance to open them each up in their own tab for comparison :+1:.

In the future, we may add more analysis options that will allow you to more easily compare between each completed workout, but it is not on the development roadmap quite yet.


Thank you! I saw the “My Rides” and yes, that satisfies what I was thinking!

For the first point, I’m just considering a “exploration” idea, in the sense that there are so many workouts and I would love to try new ones. Yesterday I tried Ericsson, and just the drills on the workout were different and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Overall I think it’s a shame if we can’t explore the workouts seeing how there are so many and so much thought and hard work has gone into them.

Thanks for listening and considering this “exploring” piece.


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Good feature to see how many times we’ve done the same exercise and compare the differences between all those times.

Hi @Bryce, was wondering if you guys would consider an overlay of the rides? I was looking at my Ramp tests, and wanted to overlay them on the PR graph but noticed that there is no filter for “just this ride” but rather it shows all rides (as one would expect). Again, just a thought, seeing that yesterday I was switching between browser tabs to see how my Ramp test changed over time.


This is a request we’ve discussed in the past, and something that we may choose to develop in the future. It’s not on our Development Roadmap for now, but it is on our radar. The good news is that there is a workaround that works in the meantime.

  1. Go to the Personal Records page
  2. In the “Compare up to three date ranges” window, enter a one day window in which you completed your most recent Ramp Test.
  3. Then, enter up to two other single day ranges to compare using the two available fields.

Let me know if you have any questions!