Feature Request: Find similar workouts I have done

With the seemingly infinite-size of the workout library (which is great!), sometimes I’d like to see how I have performed in similar workouts but not necessarily the exact same one. Case in point, yesterday I did Rogers +2 (4x7 minutes @ 102%), and I knew I had done something similar recently, which turned out to be Rogers +3 (same workout with slightly more rest). I would just love a tab with a list of similar workouts that I have done, so that I don’t have to go back through my calendar to find these.
Hope this one can make its way into the backlog. Thanks TR team!

Thanks for the idea! I will pass this along to the team as a feature suggestion, but in the meantime, I want to make sure you know about the option to use the Past Activities page on the website that might serve a similar function.
You can use this to filter for TrainerRoad workouts, then filter to the zone you did a workout in:

Nonetheless, I will communicate to the team that you’d like to see your past performance in workouts that are similar to another workout you’ve completed. A ‘My Rides’ meets ‘Alternates’. :wink: