Non preservative Gels

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a non-preservative gel and the only one I can verify is Maurten. They are about 4-5x as expensive as SiS which I’ve used in the past. I have a pretty clean diet, I don’t eat out and mainly eat whole foods, or I’m just sensitive to preservatives in the first place. I’ve noticed the SiS gels give me a preservative headache similar to overly processed foods with preservatives. And if anyone has had these headaches they last for 24 hours.

I suppose I’m just wondering if there is another non-preservative gel that is less than Maurten!

I’ve tried the pure Maple Syrup but it is just too crazy sweet.

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I love these. I looked on the ingredient lists and I dont think there are any but im no scientist. Anecdotally, I have never had a headache from these I dont belive. They are so tasty too! Huma Chia Energy Gel - May 2022 Sale!

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TORQ. More expensive than SIS but sound like what you are looking for.


Which preservatives specifically are you sensitive to?

potassium sorbate and Sodium Benzoate.

dude! THanks for this.

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Recommend these. Haven’t tried them myself but have used their bars a good amount. Good and clean.

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Nice, haven’t seen that one!

Muir Energy gels. I’ve never used them though.

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Have you considered making your own?

I make mine in a pan with some water, heated to a bit below a boil and mix in (very slowly to avoid clumps) -
Dextrose / Fructose ratio 4:1 worked well for me
Electrolyte powder
Beta alaline
Sicilian lemon flavouring (also used lemon curd and jams etc
and some Pectin to thicken

It works out 5p a serving roughly. I fill up a soft flask for easy of access. Just dont make it so thick it wont flow out the spout.

Torq. Best flavours too.