Non Diary Alternatives to Greek Yogurt

Yes I understand this is probably a long shot, but are there any good non dairy alternatives to Greek yogurt? Most of the options I’ve looked at have are mostly fat and carbs

Edit: I can’t consume dairy due to an intolerance

I love this stuff Alpro Greek Style Yogurt


Are you looking for a plant-based yogurt specifically, or is it for incorporating into recipes where other ingredient substitutions might work?

When it comes to nondairy alternatives, soy is usually your best option if you’re looking for a higher protein content and lower fat/calories. Sugar content tends to vary by brand so checking the label is your best bet there!

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Not arguing - I promise! - but I genuinely thought greek yoghurt is lactose-intolerance friendly? In any case, I’m sure I’ve seen lactose free greek yoghurt on the shelves (in Au) that are pretty close in composition to the original product.

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Similarly quark is low lactose so may be OK? Good protein source.

You can try Alfalfa, it’s not a yoghurt, i know

Yeah I thought the same. I am super lactose intolerant, and I can eat greek yoghurt like a mad man with no issues at all… give me a glass of milk though and we’re gonna have a bad time :wink:

I would try it if you haven’t already, to see if it works :slight_smile:

In Sweden we have fat free greek yoghurt which is great! 10% protein.

The goal would be to eat it with fruit, granola, etc as a mid morning snack. I’ve made some breads and such with Greek yogurt and have been fine.

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Interesting, I’ll give this a shot.

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I’m in the same position…I eat plenty of Greek yogurt but if I have a whiff of milk or even think about mozzarella cheese on a pizza it’s bad news.

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Make your own yogurt with plain soy milk. I do it in an instant pot with the shelf-stable stuff from Trader Joe’s. Works very nicely, though it does take a bit of refining to get right. And each batch can culture the next batch, making it infinitely self-sustaining!

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I eat probably 300-400g a day, its really tasty to have on toast instead of cream cheese, with some jam :smiley: Perfect when fuelling for longer rides with toast and jam as carbs, but also getting some protein in there with the greek yoghurt.

Its also number 1 ingredient in my favourite dish: Sous vide chicken thighs with jasmine rice and greek yoghurt, with some sweet chili sauce on the side… :star_struck:

Do you have the particular recipe you use by chance :wink:

Thank you,