AI FTP detection tech issue - Resolved

I opted for AI FTP detection (in lieu of a scheduled ramp test) earlier this week, and rather than coming back in a few seconds with my new FTP, I got a “we’re working on it, check back later” message. A few hours later, I checked to see that my FTP had indeed been raised, and I got the “we’re lowering your progression levels” message. All good - other than the delay, everything looked like it was working. Fast forward to this morning when I notice the system is still showing my old ftp. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Please contact directly for issues like this, if you haven’t already done so (not mentioned).

I did send a note to support, but I was curious whether this was a widespread issue.

When I got this same message. I looked and there was not enough time between last update and the current one. Schedule for the following day and it worked as expected.

Hope this helps.

This was the test scheduled by TR, and I did eventually get a message confirming the new FTP and adjusting my progression levels, so I don’t think that was it. I’ll see what tech support comes back with. If I’m the only one seeing this, I’ll write it off as a fluke.

Curious if it was about the same time. For me it was Saturday 4-2-22 about 9:00pm ET.

FWIW, I heard from tech support, and there is a known issue of some ftp changes not syncing properly. They’re working on it, and it should be fixed soon.

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