No movement for a month, no change in ftp

Because I needed to prepare for the exam, I didn’t do any training for a month, not even any stretching and relaxation training. I used a Garmin watch and found that my body power was very low (only 5%) every day this month, I guess because of too much stress from studying and bad sleep.
I thought the ftp would at least drop a lot, but just did the ftp test today and found the same ftp data as 1 month ago. I don’t know if people have this phenomenon? Or am I misunderstanding the training?

How did you test ftp? If it’s a ramp test, sometimes freshness and less muscular fatigue mean you can feel sharp and peppy for short and intense efforts. Can you actually hold that power for 20-50 minutes? My guess is endurance declined but fatigue cleared so you tested well

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Maybe your body was in a good need of a rest and your previous test fatigued.

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I was unable to maintain this intensity riding for 1 hour, I used the trainerroad ftp test. (20 minutes)
It is possible that the endurance is decreasing, tomorrow I will try to ride for two hours and see the results

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Yeah, I grew up not really taking long breaks for a year, maybe one day a week, because I don’t compete, so there’s no distinction between in-season and out-of-season, and maybe I did get physically tired before.
I gained weight because of irregular eating and sleeping and stress this month, so in November and December 21, I’m going to do mostly cardio base training, ride a lot of Zone 2 heart rate, lose fat and tamp down the base

My guess is you had the “yeet effect”. I took three weeks off last year and came back stronger. I hit a one minute power pb the day I came back and had an ftp of 333 or so, which was basically where I left off. Of course, endurance in general had gone done, but never underestimate freshness to help you yeet out a great result that fatigue blunted prior to your rest. After a week or two of riding you will get a good idea about where your limits and abilities are. But congrats on resting and setting your foundation higher-thats what training is supposed to do!