No Mid-Build Test for Tri Plans?

Just finished up week 3 of Half Distance Triathlon Build (mid volume) and realized that there wasn’t a ramp test scheduled for week 5 after a recovery week. I know the plans scale up on their own, but was wondering on other’s experiences with these plans. Figure there is mostly three options:

  • Leave FTP as is and finish the second half there, retest during Specialty

  • Manually adjust FTP for second half

  • Take Ramp Test after recovery week and adjust week accordingly.

I do think my FTP has increased (been bumping up the intensity on a few workouts recently) so am leaning towards one of the latter two, but was curious if others had gone through this and found that the increase in intensity within the plan was sufficient for them.

Hey there!

I don’t believe any of our plans include a Ramp Test mid-plan, however, anytime that you are regularly bumping up the intensity, it’s time to retest :slight_smile:

Swapping out your first ride after the recovery week for an FTP test would be a great way to re-assess and see how much your fitness has improved.

Sustained Power Build Low Volume has a recovery in week 4 and ramp test in week 5:


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Clear indication you need to bump up your ftp but I would do it manually based on how much you are increasing so if you find you need to add 5 watts to a workout to get the same RPE just tack on 5 watts to the FTP; it will be close enough until your next test. You could always retest but that could be two days away from more specific workouts (the day before easier so that you come in fresh and then the test itself).

Another option is you swap in a 40k or 60’ race and use that as a way to set your FTP and get a good workout in.

Just my two watts :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely right, I believe the Short Power Build, General Build and Sustained Power Build were updated fairly recently with the addition of the Ramp Test. These appear to be the only plans with scheduled Mid-Plan Ramp Tests, but as I mentioned, you can feel free to re-test any time you find your workouts becoming too easy.