No "A" race within a season?

Anyone ever have a season without an “A” race?

I have a long-term goal, similar to @Jonathan – qualifying for Xterra Worlds in 2020. Last year I expanded the number of races I completed with the goal of gaining experience. This year, my goals vary by race, but most are performance metrics for myself. As such, there is no single “A” race. Some what I consider “B” races. And goals for the entire season.

Who else has a bunch of races without one in particular being the “A” race? How do you approach things?

I am also with you in that I don’t have an “A” race, what I train for here is our club training ride every Sat with a lot of cat 3 riders. I do consider all of the fall races as a major events but they are so close back to back that I just don’t train for a single one.
Now I am thinking about going to the National CX races here in Canada when I turn 60 if I can get the time off to travel across the country that would be my “A” race in 3 years.
Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, looking forward to it.

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Long term goals for Triathletes are common if you talking about an Xterra tri, so welcome to the club. I would take the times you think you need to have in 2020 to qualify and back those efforts into this year. Say you think you need to run a 6:30 mile pace, try to get to 6:45 this year.

Your A race is actually a certain level of fitness. What’s great about this? A rainy day, or cold the week before the event isn’t a concern :slight_smile: