85% FTP of Vo2max - how to approach Vo2Max Block

Hi all,

I started the 2022 season with a 3-week training block with all kind or workouts. Vo2max, threshold and SS. Just to get back on the training wagon.
Then i proceeded with 8 weeks of training with 1 vo2max session, 1 OU or SS session (ss progression) and the rest all easy endurance riding per week, averaging at about 11 / 12 hours total work on the bike. Finished the block with 2x50 minutes of sweet spot and felt great. It’s my first year that i really focused a lot of time on Z2 and with succes. I’m now able to hold 230/240 watts and still can keep a conversation :).

According to WKO5 (started a trial). My FTP is now 85% of my Vo2max. (372 → 316) And as far as i know, this is a sign that i have to focus more on the Vo2Max side of things next block. But I’m not sure how to plan this.
Is 3 Vo2Max workouts a week to much? Do i have to do a long ride every week to keep up the volume ? Or can i just hit it hard 3 times a week for 4 weeks without a lot of volume and just hammer it ? This is a draft of my block:

What do you guys/girls think of it and do you have any suggestions for me ? :smiley:

Probably a good idea to focus on some solid aerobic work.

However, before you start the harder ‘Vo2 Max’ intervals, there could be merit in completing a high vol z2 block (i.e., addressing the peripheral aerobic system before progressing onto the central aerobic system).

Have you had a decent endurance block recently?

I think I’ve had a decent endurance block.

What do you call a decent aerobic block? duration (per week?). Z2 or Z3 or SST work?

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As far as I know the volume during the vo2 max is a factor. So you want to maintain the volume but only by easy rides. You can smash the vo2 during longer rides also. I would advise to do z2 work only by RPE - if you are tired do them on very easy side. You do not want to introduce any additional fatigue due working too hard doing z2.

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Totally depends. For some, this could be 8h p.w. - for others 20h p.w.

For the athletes I coach, I’ve seen significant gains in a solid Z2 block (i.e., 5w on;1w off). This is evidenced, primarily, in increasing LT2/MLSS/FTP etc., over the 6 week block. I would guess this is through mitochondrial biogenesis/capillarization etc.

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There’s endurance work in there, but no idea if there was an endurance block within it or not. Info in the quote above suggests not.

What I meant was, have you done a specific, controlled endurance block (i.e., 6 weeks) where you’ve ridden high volume, at low(ish) intensity?

If not, you’ll probably see some gains by doing one before progressing onto the traditional ‘V02 Max’ training block you’ve posted.


I suggest a browse of this thread;


No. Not a dedicated endurance block. The weather still sucks here so i have to do most of the rides indoor, and i cannot get more that 3 tot 3.5 hours in on the trainer. So I’m not sure if the timing for a dedicated endurance block is that good now.


Yes, it’s a struggle. However, 3-3.5h inside is an awesome sessions (in terms of training load).

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