Newbie with AT question

Hi, just signed up yesterday, and I think my FTP was set a bit low (I know everyone thinks that) I did my first workout today which was supposed to be sweet spot and my heart rate was in zone 2 for the work out. I was just going to let it adjust as I continue but was wondering if I’d be better altering it manually?
Also thought that AT would take into account heart rate but when I’ve looked into it it doesn’t, bit disappointing as that would be good additional information.

As with any FTP test or evaluation, if you think the test is incorrect you have a couple of options:

  1. Fix whatever was off, and retest.
  2. Manually adjust the FTP based on your experience, knowledge or gut feel.
  3. Leave it alone and roll with AT until the next test is scheduled.

Hard to lock down the right choice for you without more info. N=1, I have tested a bit low twice now, left the FTP alone and made use of an Alternate workout at the start of my training phase, then let AT take the reins after… all while making sure to use the appropriate survey response to help drive future workout changes.

If you think the current FTP is WAY off, I think a retest or adjustment may be best. If it is close, I think you leave AT to run the show.

Welcome to TR!

You say your FTP is set a bit low - how did you come to use this number? Ramp test?

I’m surprised that a ramp test was that far off, although if it was your very first ramp test then it is based off an ftp of 150(?) So if your FTP is actually a lot higher you can end up with a ramp test that lasts forever and can become a bit less accurate.

If i were you I would manually change the FTP to a value you think is right and then retest.

Thanks for advice, I think it was probably like you said, it went on a long time.
I’ve manually adjusted FTP but still left it a bit lower than it was on zwift, I’ll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again

I thought my first test was a bit low as well, based on other season’s FTP’s. I knew I would have some lost fitness due to having a baby in August, but not as much as appeared in my FTP.

I have ended up using “Alternate Workouts” that are productive or stretch. This has made it more challenging, but, thanks to Adaptive Training, it is helping adjust my future workouts more in line with my current fitness.

I must have had a bad testing day and just need to be better prepared for the test.