Adaptive training ftp down

Pretty bummed thought would help but it has been lowering my workouts whereas in the past I always followed the plan on tee. Anyone fancy taking a look and shedding some light? Thinking of just using train now as had a much bigger jump in ftp doing that.

Had a quick look. What looks odd is that it looks like you got to the end of your Ramp Test steps which should have given you an FTP increase. I might have misinterpreted the picture. Was your FTP set correctly for the test?

Edit: I also couldn’t pick up what block of what plan that you have just completed so as to compare with the base plan. It seems to have a lot of SS and little else

Does this align with your post in the other thread related to you doing Wahoo outside workouts? That would lead to recommended reductions since those workouts are not properly integrated for Progression Level adjustments.

That matters since it would be leading to reduced workout level recommendations (because AT only see you not completing workouts) when the opposite should likely be happening. Main point being that you may be judging these AT results based upon incomplete implementation of AT.

The Wahoo limit is a known issue and should be considered vs just accepting all adaptations without question.


Initially yes I didn’t know that was the case and accepted them but then the last 2 weeks I did all indoors and now I have a garmin. The ‘recovery’ week I did the 2 petits and brass down which was marked as a stretch outdoors in the garmin. Now for the next phase of sweet spot i have a new ftp and the next workouts are all like tempo and I don’t feel like I’m going to progress much. 10 watts drop is a lot considering I followed the workouts. Quite bummed and not sure what direction to take next now. Maybe just do a polarized plan or train now

Hi, did you manage to find a fix? I am having similar problems as well - ftp fell from 250 to 236 after I started AT about half a year ago. Like you, I completed all workouts that I attempted and I only missed a few. I don’t do outside workouts.

Hopefully @mcneese.chad has managed to find a solution!

Not sure what I have to do with this?

There are changes to what “counts” for AT, which sidesteps most of the old limit, but I have not follow all the developments closely in the last couple of months.

Probably worth reaching out to TR support for them to dig into if the AT behavior you experienced is expected or not.