AT - should suggest new FTP or not?

Hello there,

I was wondering… Shouldnt AT predict differences in FTP? I mean - I had a ramp test for like two months ago, and i went outside. I did most of the workouts outside now, and the ramp test result gave me a FTP of 288 those months ago.

I tought it would be a good idea to take a test outside - and i went for 2x8m protocol - to my big surprice i hit 1x368 and 1x365 - which should result in a FTP of about 328? But im still doing the TR workouts at 288? Should i manually copy the new FTP in, or just keep doing the workouts at the FTP of 288? I mean - sure, im a bit scared of the 328 FTP - however the endurance rides and the other workouts - im kinda wondering if im in some zones that isnt benefitting me?

What would you guys do? Im doing all my workouts outside now.

Thats some pretty epic numbers!!!

I do agree…

But - when are they releasing AT to the general public

My 2 cents is definitely update the FTP manually and use that and see how different kinds of workouts feel. You can always dial it down again if it gets too hard.

  1. 8 min protocol is not good when it comes to anaerobic power contribution (like a ramp test)

  2. I would be cautious setting FTP outside and using it inside. Many people can push more power outside, especially with shorter efforts. You have bike movement, cooling etc as factors. If you do also indoor workouts it is usually recommended to test both inside and outside.

  3. Your FTP is probably higher than 288 but I would be on a safe side and try something like 315 to test how it feels. You won’t miss anything but will prevent issues with overestimated.


The AT beta does not predict FTP, so we still need to do assessments or manual changes. TR has an internal version that does predict FTP, but that’s not available to the rest of us yet.

Generally speaking, you want to do the assessment in the same environment that you’ll be doing your training, since the whole point is set your zones properly. Are you using the same power source inside and outside, or are you using your power meter outside and a trainer inside?

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Ramp test inside today.


I follow… i just did Bluebell+1 outside - felt fine with a new FTP setting at 320

I Got Tacx neo 2t Inside and power meter outside. Im hopefully not riding Inside again before winter begins :sweat_smile:

Ok, so you’ve got two measuring sticks. Use your outside numbers outside, and when you come back in, do another assessment on the indoor equipment and use those numbers. It’s a pain, but it’s less of a pain than blowing up inside because your zones don’t match the environment. (And if you have the option to use Power Match, where TR uses your power meter to control your trainer, try that inside instead.)

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Should it? That would be tite. Will it someday? Maaaaaybe. :wink:


Is Ivy a tease? Maaaaaybe. :wink:

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Not a tease. Nate has said it on a couple of podcasts that the goal is for AT to be able to eventually eliminate the need for an FTP test / predict (recommend) when it thinks your FTP has changed.


Nate recently (few weeks ago) shared a screenshot on Instagram of AT Ftp estimations if he follows through with his plan… so possibly they are testing the auto-ftp calculations with a very small group?¿