Newbie Questions - Adapting to Outside/Group Rides (apologize for length)

49 yo overweight cyclist here. Been cycling 15 years (on and off, but fairly regularly) mostly consisting of mid length solo and group rides, with the yearly 3 day charity ride (252 miles) and some assorted metrics thrown in for fun. I’ve dabbled with intervals, hill repeats, etc. but no real structure to my training.

I’m determined to do an extremely difficult 102 mile (11K + vert) event next May. I know weight loss is a primary objective, but looking to TR to get some structured training. I’ve built a plan, but I’m not going to completely give up my occasional long group rides and they’ll just have to take place of some of the workouts.

Will the TR adaptive training take those into account and automatically recalibrate my workouts after that 60 mile group ride I did on a random Saturday instead of the planned intervals or the Sunday ride I did despite the fact it was supposed to be a rest day?

No, at this time TR Adaptive Training is not adjusting Progression Levels based upon “Unstructured” rides. That will change when they release the “Workout Levels 2.0” that has been baking in the oven for over a year now.

And to address the other part of your question, TR will not adjust and remove workouts if you randomly add a super hard or long ride. It is still based upon a basic plan that sets the desired workout days you select when running Plan Builder. It is a good system, but still requires some thought and action on your part when you go off-schedule.