Newbie here-outside riding- outside the plan

Hi there. I’m just trying out TR for the first time.I have done structured training before with a coach. I have been racing in the masters for quite a long time. I have picked a mid volume plan to start with.
One of my worries is that I do like to go on long rides of 3-5 hours about once a week and I’m trying to work out how I do that and incorporate it into my training plan. Is the idea to do one of my outdoor sessions on this day and then add it with tempo/endurance work?
Will the plan see that I have had a big TSS day and adjust accordingly?
If any one has any ideas or comments I’d be really interested

The plans will not adjust if you add a big day that you will need additional recovery from but the calendar makes it easy to do that kind of thing yourself. If you read the notes for each week of the training plan they usually provide an optional longer aerobic ride in place of the sunday SS ride. This can be done outside. However, if that outdoor ride is a more race-y group ride or something like that then things may need a little more customization.

In the end the plans are really good but they are also just jumping off points. As you get more familiar with them you can decide for yourself how to best customize them and adjust as you go to better fit your situation of indoor/outdoor, intensity, recovery, preferences, or any other personalization you want.