Switching from Wahoo to Garmin?

For those who have left the Wahoo ecosystem and gone to Garmin, need some feedback. The Wahoo ROAM has been an awesome road computer but is horrendous for MTB. The GPS reception is terrible, Wahoo customer service is useless in troubleshooting, and I am generally fed up with the system, and looking back at my Wahoo BOLT the GPS graphs were much the same, whereas my Garmin friends have perfect tracking for GPS and segments on Strava.

On road this isn’t really a problem, but when I MTB I want to have fun and chase segments, and due to the poor GPS tracking, the Wahoo gives me credit for doing segments I haven’t done, and misses ones I rode. It short changes me on speed/distance, and often times shows me riding through the lake that I rode next to.

Now I know the grass is not always greener on the other side, and Garmin have had their share of issues, and I know the initial setup is generally a pain, but the last time I used a Garmin device it was an Edge 500. Looking for some feedback from the group here who have more experience than I, what’s your experience been with the two systems? I don’t do outdoor workouts, but I do use the navigation for new routes, and enjoy live segments on the road as well.

Thank you gang, any tips/feedback appreciated

I recently went the other way, few years old Edge 520 to Wahoo Element Roam. Maybe the newer Garmin are better, but I got tired of the blue tooth dropouts (necessitating re-pairing with my phone at random unpredictable times), the random nature of the live tracking working (or not), etc. I have not found much if any difference in GPS tracking ability of road vs MTB between the 2 at least where I live. I sometimes get data dropouts on the Wahoo, but the Garmin did the same thing. Wahoo live tracking has always worked.


Here’s my issue. All I want to do on my MTB is have fun and chase Strava times. Unfortunately because the Wahoo can’t track me well I don’t get credit for doing certain segments I worked really hard on. But I get trophies for the trail 300 feet away which I didn’t even ride.

Here’s a comparison, all using a speed sensor. The 520 is actually 6 total passes through (out and back 3 times) while the ROAM and iPhone only went out and back once

The Garmin wins here by far, and part of me wants to get a used 520/520+ for MTB only, but having two systems is a bit pricy and redundant and I’m failing to see reasons to keep the Wahoo, like what does it do on the road that the Garmin can’t?

I’ve been pulling my hair out because of my Garmin 510 for years. Lots of folks jumped ship to Wahoo because of constant Garmin glitchiness.

My 510 still works but I wanted modern features and hopefully something that worked better so I bought a 530. It is awesome and glitch free so far. I really wish I had ditched my 510 earlier.

Could it be that your Wahoo is defective? Do all Wahoos behave this way? I had an iphone that had flakey GPS. It would show you 100 feet away from where you actually were. Do one of your friends have another Wahoo you could test?

If you want to use mapping I wouldn’t get a 520 without reading the reviews. When I was deciding whether to get a 520 or 530, all the reviews said that the 520 was very slow and could take minutes to calculate a route or recalculate after a missed turn. The 530 is vastly improved.

My only regret was not getting an 830 - mostly because I was used to the touchscreen on my 510. The 530 has buttons. After a month of use though I’m no longer frustrated and have adapted to the buttons.

Rather than jumping ship I stayed with Garmin because all my data is in Garmin Connect. It’s also in Strava and Training Peaks now so I do have backups. I have to say that I’m still wary of Garmin. It often seems like you are always one update away from them breaking working features on your unit. They did it many times on my 510. So far, it hasn’t happened on my 530.

:rofl: That sucks! I’ve experienced similar before & I use an Garmin 520.

Recently did a lot of aero testing & was working on accuracy. Corresponded with this guy who knew a lot about the topic & he advised that I switch the satellite setting from just GPS to GPS+Galileo. That seemed to help out quite a bit.

Can you try something similar on your Wahoo? Or maybe you have & it just didn’t help…just throwing that idea out there.

No settings for it. I sent wahoo another ticket and they basically said “you’ve already asked about this and we’re still not doing anything”

They did however tell me I could buy a new ROAM for $380 from them and return that if the GPS is still bad, I told them if the GPS on that one was good then they should take back the old one since it’s then clearly defective, but they refused.

Will never recommend their products again, looking at the old graphs from my BOLT in the woods the GPS is equally blind so I don’t think it’s my unit but just another crap Wahoo product.

Thanks for the attempted help from everyone

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