New TR user, so what do the ride names mean, if anything? Such as Kitumbeine?

Excuse me if I’ve missed something, but what if anything do the ride names mean, such as *Kitumbeine? These seemingly random ride titles are landing in my Strava ride title, and prompting questions about what it all means?
Although I think I can amend the optional ride Description field post-ride, I don’t think I can amend the ride title, which is what goes in to Strava.
Any guidance / tips to help add some sense to the library of seemingly random ride names? Just on day 10 of my TR experience, loving it so far!!

Old threads on the topic:

With the addition of Adaptive Training, TR had to add many new workouts and I am not sure where they pulled those names. So the question has several answers depending on the precise workout name in question.


Thanks, so they’re just famous mountain ranges, ascents, regions of the world.

I’ll just have to amend/edit my Strava activity log title to add more sense to it as that name on its own doesn’t note any difficulty / style of ride or anything.

All good :slight_smile: Bri

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They USED to all be named after hills when the library was far smaller, but as Chad mentioned, we’ve never heard them say where all the new names came from.

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I do this. I’ll add something like (6x2@125% w5min rest).

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I’ve never thought to update the titles from workouts on Strava, though I did have a few comments (UK-based) about my “Bald Knob” workout…


There’s a Tempo workout named ‘Cache La Poudre’ that’s named after my local wild and scenic river that goes through the mountains. At some point I will bike up the road that goes next to it. At least I assume that’s where they got the name. (Fun fact, it’s French for ‘Hide the Powder’)

Today I found Audrain, a VO2 workout that I’m assuming is named after TR employee Ivy Audrain.


Here is one of my custom workouts. If you’ve ever driven Interstate 5 from LA to San Diego… you know.



What punk ass younger me and my friends would say when we rode our bikes past them back in the day.


I was tempted to update my Strava title with 'Trainer Road, the wweet sound of ‘resume pedalling to continue’ when the workout newarly broke me and I needed a moment to gather myself :slight_smile: Anything to help recollect he experience will do I suppose :slight_smile: Thanks!