NEW to TrainerRoad

felling like the kid at the back of the class right about now… have i bitten more than I can chew…haha…

new to all this have a new Tacx Vortex smart trainer… but looking to get more from it and train smarter.

haven’t made the jump yet to sign up for the monthly / yearly subs yet, am doing the CTXC on u-tube which I really love can knock out 2hrs handy enough…

[Is] the subscription actually worth it. is the question?

tks for looking and feel free to give me a kick in the hole…

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In my opinion, it is the best value investment you can make if you want to get faster. No helmet or wheels or frame or shoes or skin suit will make you faster than a few months of structured training with trainer road will. I started with TR about 8 months ago after 17 years in triathlon, broke my FTP personal record in six months and did it on an indoor test.

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Agreed. Easily the best money you can spend for power and speed. Not even a question, IMHO.

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Thanks for positive feed back guys. Will sign up this week, looking forward the new training.

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Ask someone for a free month code and give it a try for yourself


Welcome! :smile:

Have you done any structured training before?

Totally agree that a trial would be the way to go.

Whilst I and many others love it, indoor isn’t for everyone…the OP should give it a try before he buys :+1:t2:

Well, with the full release of outside workout and initial Garmin implementation (Wahoo to follow soon), there is the ability to do outside structured workouts much better now.

So, inside and out, TrainerRoad has us covered.

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Definitely… shoot me a PM or post here, I have referrals I can give for a free month if you want to try it.

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Yes although it somewhat depends on what motivates you. I find it much more motivating to stick with a plan and train deliberately than just get in a workout, and I think this is where TR really excels vs the other platforms.

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Not sure if it’s worth it TR only raised my ftp by 100 watts.


Without doubt, TR has delivered the most bang-for-buck where my cycling goals are concerned. Doesn’t matter if you race or just ride with your pals, if you follow the plans from Sweetspot onwards, you almost can’t help but improve.

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Only been going for a free weeks myself and the improvements have been huge. I just feel fitter and faster. Also feel like I am riding and sitting in the bike better than before because of the instructions given during training. Well worth it

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Roughly $1 per watt. TR should come out with a premium $200 version :smile:

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I used TR for about 4-5 months, and have been cycling for less than 9 months. I was totally new to structured training, and haven’t cycled at this level before.

TR helped me complete my first metric century (I did bite off more than I could chew with that metric century attempt, but that’s a different story altogether :grimacing:)

Yes 100% worth it, I recommend TR to all my friends who want to make improvements in fitness. It can be tough at the start, but follow the training plans and their progressions and watch the gains come rolling in.


Give it a go and see what happens. Just make sure you start at the beginning and work your way up as prescribed. The various plans are structured with reason in that regard.

Personally, TR has helped me get incredibly fit in a short amount of time. The last time I had this level of fitness was a decade ago when I used to be running to and from the boxing gym 4-5 days a week for training sessions.
That’s pretty good value if you can be bothered to put the time and effort in.

Pick an event you would like to do. Add the plans to your calender to suit. Get at it and perform a whole lot better than you could right now.
Pretty simple really.

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