I don't know what I have to think

I stop trainer road last year when spring came, now with the lock down I said in my head oh it’s time to restart home trainer and trainer road … and surprise … price 19.99 per month…
(mais fout toi de ma gueule gros), are you kidding .? ? ? no no … I ask are you kidding ?
finally I decide to return on Zwift, bye bye trainer road… by the way with the lock down and for your customers it would have been a good idea to do a good offer like one month free or reduce the price per month just for lock down time… so… bye bye (again)

heu last think when I go in my profile and clic on my carreer there is nothing just you ask my credit card number… I supposed all of my data are there but hidden till I pay… so… bye bye…

:disappointed_relieved: Come back, Zwift is for kids :grin:


Might be worth directing this to customer support instead of the forum.


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It’s the cheapest coaching you will ever buy - Up to you to decide you want to get fast. Zwift is cool and I do that as well - but TR is an investment in getting fast, Zwift is for fun. Both important, but definitely different.


In-person coaching can easily cost 5-10x of what TrainerRoad costs.


Bye Felicia.


Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya… :upside_down_face:


@Arleen7 you don’t have to bash on anyone on your decision to not continue using it, the price is well justified for what they provide, they employ a lot of people and provide information that we would never look up ourselves in short amounts of time. So we get the science and apply it how we want. They gave their users a chance to lock in at lower prices before they went up in price, very fair company to its customers and provide an outstanding product, the way good business is executed… an even exchange between parties, Godspeed on your endeavours. :call_me_hand::sunglasses::rocket:


Any new customer can try TrainerRoad 30days for free with referral code. There is dedicated topic to ask and share those codes.

Whichever platform you choose, keep going and happy training :slight_smile:



I made twice as much progress in my ftp in only 12 weeks than during my last two seasons combined on my own. I wish I hadn’t subscribed earlier. 19,99 for real gains, proper structured plans, awesome forum and a ton of info via free podcasts? Yeah, take my money any day… :joy:

@Arleen7… bye :wave:


Their model likely depends on a steady stream of reliable income. Those people are rewarded with the lower price where they’ve been onboard as early-adopters and funded development since the off. New joiners or those who dip in and out (such as the subject here) must pay as late-adopters or where they want flexibility.


So basically you wanted to jump back on TR during the lock down and you’re annoyed that you have to pay for it?


Ça coute $19.99 chaque mois parce que c’est un programme d’entraînement avec des plans, du coaching, de la personnalisation, etc…

Tout ça n’existe pas chez Zwift, donc il faut décider ce qui est plus important pour toi.

Fin bref, bien sûr que ça coute quelque chose… T’attendais quoi mdr


What is the next step 25.99 per month? I agree with some of you but with regular increase price (I knew TR to 9.99 per month) I feel that each time I re register on TR, I am taken for a sheep or just a wallet with dollars in it.

Have a good day

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As with training, the trick is to be consistent.


That is correct, you are catching on, as the value of the product goes up, so does the price :sunglasses:… have an even greater day!


When I first joined TR five years ago it was, I think, $12.99 per month. I then suspended the account until Oct 2019 by which time the price had risen to $19.99.

Nate has said on podcasts that the price is “grandfathered” meaning if you keep the subscription going you won’t see a price rise. But if you suspend the account and restart then you will see one. Of course you have to calculate the actual monthly price if you don’t use the trainer and TR during the summer months but that’s the same for any subscription service.

Whether the $19.99 is worth it to you is for you to decide. TR suits me better, I don’t like the gamey side of Zwift for example. It may or may not be the best but for the cost of a couple of cheap bottles of wine per month I’m happy with it.


Personally, for me, a hobby is allowed to cost an irrational amount of money. Horseback riding, photography, cycling, gaming pc’s… it’s all hobbies that can be wildly expensive, depending on how you approach them. I believe a hobby that reflects your passion for something may cost money, arguably within reasonable bounds (e.g., buying a Dogma F12 but not being able to pay your mortgage or your kid’s tuition would not be really reasonable).

Edit: I said TR did not have a cheaper plan if you commit for a year, but it does!