Best structured training programme to compliment strength training?

I’m keen to keep up my strength training and aim to lift weights three times a week concentrating on compound lifts.
I tend to use the train now function, but am keen to do a structured training programme to run along side.
Any views on what the best programme is to run alongside it?

entirely dependent on your history with cycling and lifting weights. If this is a new thing you’ll be too nuked to train properly alongside 3 days of weights. Most people do weights alongside z2 in the early part of the season and reduce weights towards their build/A race/racing season as intensity increases.

Do weights on the same day you do intensity. If this is a sweet spot plan do in the evening after the harder workouts in the morning. You can do weights around any structured plan however it’ll only be as effective as your ability to tolerate the muscle soreness from the gym.

You probably don’t need more than 2 days a week lifting weights, unless you want it to be a true focus, in which case just ride as you feel around it.


@critpig gave you some great advice here!

The plan you choose will depend on your goals and your cycling history. Is there anything in specific you’re thinking of training for? How many hours per week do you usually ride? That information would help us recommend a cycling plan for you.

No matter the cycling plan, though, definitely try to do your weight training on the same days as your high-intensity days on the bike. I’ve personally prioritized my bike training over weight training in the past, so I would do my intense on-bike session first, then hit the gym later on in the day.

Appreciate the feedback all very helpful.
I’m currently riding 4-6 hours a week, generally alot of zone 2 as it manages fatigue better which allows better efforts in the gym.
I note the previous point around dropping to two days a week for strength training as 3 sessions admittedly isn’t ideal for fatigue management when trying to clock up the miles on the bike…

I am particularly keen on the kind of fitness that velodrome cyclists have, they seem to mix strength/power with bike fitness very well. Admittedly you won’t see someone that size on the tour de France but I would suggest their aerobic fitness is still light years ahead of the general population.

Would a crit training programme with weight training work towards this? If so, how much lifting are they doing?

Sorry for the silly questions, relatively new to the world of bike training and really enjoy TR over other apps as it appears to adopt a more analytical approach to getting fitter…

Below is an example week from Joe Friels fast after 50. Although only with 2 strength days a week, there is another thread talking about similar topic. I’m always on the side where you have to pick what you want. It’s possible to have 3 days of strength but you may not improve as much cycling wise.
I would say use a low volume plan and lift at least 2 days a week and try to squeeze a third day in somewhere. It’s a hard puzzle unless you can do a double day on a day off from work.

Very helpful thanks :+1:

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I’m only 5 months into structured cycling training, however, I come from a weight lifting background and the following has worked pretty well for me so far:

January to middle/end of April: Masters Low Volume (used plan builder for a century ride) + Upper/Lower/Full weights.

Middle/end of April to now: Polarized Low Volume + Push/Pull/Legs with an optional fourth full body day that I’ve only managed once. I do legs the day after the hard intervals and then take the day after leg day off. There’s no way I could do legs the same day as the hard intervals and I’m too sore the day after legs for the hard intervals. I’ll know in a couple of days if TR AI FTP thinks this is working on the cycling side of things. I’ve really enjoyed the Polarized Low Volume plan with its one day of hard intervals and mostly simplified workouts since I’m doing them all outside.

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