New to TR, cannot complete the third day of my training plan

So i did a build phase even though i’m just new to TR. I considered my training for the past few months getting ready for the races as my base phase. Then lockdown comes and i decided to register to TR. And it’s just the 3rd day of my plan and i blew my way half through it. Am i over confident or i just need to rest and continue my build plan? Btw i chose general mid volume since i train for mtb cross country with a mix of road racing.

PS. Please be kind to me if this is wrong. I am just a newbie here

A few questions come to mind:

Did you do a ramp test or set FTP manually?
What workout were you doing?
How far through did you get?
How did the other workouts feel?
What trainer are you using and is it set up properly?


Also, what did your preparation so far look like? Did you had have some sort of structured progression and intervals? Or were you just riding a bunch and hard sometimes?


Do a ramp test to get your baseline and start base with that new number. Start with LV Sweet Spot.

Add in some endurance rides with “low intensity” on non plan days if you want more volume.


Answers after dash consecutively
-i did, but it sucks that it did not record. Luckily, i did a ramp test on zwift before i ended my membership to focus on TR first.
-I’m currently doing a MV general build plan.
-i did the ramp test first, then i completed my second training but it hurts a lot. Then the i blew my 2 hour sweet spot interval training and only finished 1 hour of it :frowning:
-i only started using TR so i only had 3 workouts, which is the ramp test, spanish needle - 3 and antelop +5 which i blew up.
-sadly, im using a manual trainer and i manually adjust my shifter to meet the target power.

Hmm i think no structure at all? I just ride and sustain power for certain minutes, do long rides,intervals and trails. And i also did some races before the lockdown on our country. Did i overestimate myself? Or the plans in TR are just too hard for someone like me?

The workouts soon let you know if things are wrong. :astonished:

The plans are designed to go: Base -> Build -> Speciality so jumping in at Build tends not to be ideal. Base gets you ready for the much harder efforts in Build so shouldn’t be missed. Spanish Needle is one of the tougher workouts BTW.

Depending on your level of effective training before starting TR I’d look at either Sweet Spot Base Low Volume 1 or 2. Low Volume doesn’t necessarily mean “easy”, the workouts still make you work. Do another Ramp Test, be careful just which option you press at the end, the text isn’t particularly large and it’s easy to get things wrong and discard the result. Don’t worry about the actual number produced, it’s just a guide so that the workouts match your ability.

Have a look at the TR YouTube channel there’s a playlist about testing plus there’s all the podcasts some of which cover testing and which training plans to choose. There’s also “Plan Builder” which is there to help you with all of this.


Antelope +5 is a 2 hour sweet spot workout and if you aren’t used to proper structured training you are very likely to fail.

For perspective, over the 2 hours you are expected to ride at sweet spot for a total of 70 minutes (7x10). Even if you are used to structured rides, getting up to doing 2 hour rides is hard.

Your FTP could be spot on but your endurance may not be up to scratch to do those rides. Start again on a base plan, probably low volume.

If you want extra TSS add some endurance rides on top.


Agreed. Everything here says you’d be best to restart with Sweet Spot Base 1, then SSB2 and low volume for both.

Those are great introductions and the right way to take on structured indoor training. It’s notably different than riding hard with no direction, especially being inside.

Make sure to fuel properly and get more fan than you think you need. Cooling is often ignored or underestimated, and it actually deserves great attention.


I started with a mid volume plan when completely new to structure, and found myself bumping up % and longer versions of rides in SSB I think because I was pretty fresh. Depending on the individual, I wouldn’t discount a mid volume plan entirely. Just my 2c.

I can’t imagine starting a with Build plan though - that’s definitely the deep end of the pool. You can work your way into it with Sweet Spot Base, and find you’ll have the tools to do those Build rides by the time the progression guides you there. A lot of people are going back to base phase in light of CV-19, so don’t even worry about feeling like you’re behind.

Stick at it and good luck :+1:

I would recommend going down to SSB1. I have been on TR for a few years now and I’m back down at base and it is hard. The workouts look easy compared to the others but you are spending a lot of time at sweet spot and that hurts.

The first time I did TR I skipped base and went straight to build. It doesn’t help you, go back down to base. You’ll be better for it.

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Starting with a base plan is always a good way to go, but I have to say that my first ever TR plan was Short Power Build and i loved it. If you’re totally set on that plan then maybe consider re-testing or dropping your FTP manually. Once you get a few sessions under your belt you’ll get to understand what a sweet spot interval or a VO2 interval should feel like and know whether or not you’re hitting the right zones.

Another thing to consider is whether you have enough cooling. I know when I started training indoors I struggled a lot with intervals longer than about 3 minutes. The heat would just build and build until I could feel my whole body just giving up. Make sure you have a good fan, drink plenty, open a window, whatever you need!

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It seems a bit like you’re not sticking to the plan either.
Antelope +5 should be the 5th workout of your plan after Collins +1, Carpathian Peak and Spanish Needle -3. Are you spacing your workouts enough and giving yourself time to recover?
I also agree that starting with a base phase is the best option. Build is quite a step up from Base. You’re straight into a 400TSS in week 1 and nearly 480 in week two. Compare that to even mid volume sweet spot base and you start at 300TSS before moving to 360 in week 2.

I appreciate all the reply guys! I never thought i would get a lot of replies here.

Well i decided to follow your advices. I think i underestimated the training plans and never thought that these are very hard workouts.

One question, before cv-19, i am hitting 600-700 ftp per week of training and ride 5-6 times a week. Would it be good if i start at mid volume or just stay at low volume and just add endurance rides if i feel like it? The reason for the question is i dont want to over estimate myself again and blew out a workout because i’m too new to do it. :frowning:

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Use plan builder and follow its lead. Start with low volume and then if it’s not enough bump it to medium volume. And yes starting low and adding in some extra work is fine but not too much. Try rides like Pettit and Baxter for those filler rides.