New Stages Dash Cycling Computer (2022 release coming soon)

Per an email today:

And a largely worthless video released yesterday:

I’m making this forum topic for what I expect to be an embargo drop, maybe next week or shortly after.

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TR Outdoor Workout support? If not, close the thread now. :rofl:


Looks like Stages forgot to lock down the User manual.

There’s both a photo:

And specs:

As far as form factor goes, look like they approximate ELEMNT ROAM and BOLT, respectively.


Hmm interesting. Seems a bit of a miss for a new gen computer. The M200 is a not quite as good Bolt. I wonder what their differentiating features are from the current crop of bike computers.

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They look meh, and a clone of the Wahoo. Hopefully there is more behind the scenes, or this is an elaborate April xFool’s joke

Do Wahoo own Stages now?

Looks like they are available now…

A couple of interesting things I see…

  • Appears as they already have support for Garmin Varia (it would be a deal-killer if they didn’t)
  • They dumped their proprietary mount and moved to a 1/4 turn mount (Garmin orientation)
  • Looks like it is an in-app set-up similar to Wahoo
  • “Analyze workout data in the app and sync with your favorite third party tools such as Strava, TrainingPeaks and Trainer Road” - I really hope that this means Outdoor workout support?

Pricing is decent ($279 - $329)…but no @dcrainmaker DC or @GPLama yet. Not certain if that is the best sign since those guys usually have reviews posted on Day 1.


The first gen had config by app, web, or on device. And they added radar support at some point in the past. I’ll take a look later.

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I have the original Dash. Love the bright screen. It has had Varia radar for over a year. You could configure on the device, web, or app. The web and device configuration work well but the app not so much. I have also had problems where if the web and device have different settings it is not clear which one has precedence. I have had setting changes wiped out then connecting the device. Hopefully the app will be improved. My understanding of the plan is to focus only on the app and device. I think because using Today’s Plan as the web interface is a problem since a lot of the things you want (courses, for example) were pay features on Today’s Plan. The original Dash does have navigation but no on device routing and rerouting. So, compared to the competition this is a big feature missing. With 16GB of storage you will probably be limited on the amount of maps you can load at one time.

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– Changes buttons from miserable to good


I’m interested…but gonna wait a bit for the added features to get added before I decide to plunk down my $$.

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I have both units. I’m still waiting on more information from Stages and Giant.

Where I’m at:

What I have on my desk in no way matches my expectations of what could be called ‘the future of cycling computers’ I’m seeing in their marketing.

Side by side with other units I use on a daily basis I’m at a loss as to why anyone would choose a Dash unit. Happy to hear why anyone would (or has in the past).

It’s not all negative though, my last ride the M200 gave me an additional 500m distance on a 30km ride due to the GPS ‘accuracy’ being less than ideal. :wink:


The reason that I used the Dash was the the bright display made it a lot easier to read with my reading vision impaired eye. However, the Karoo 2 is equally readable and has a lot of other nice features.


Fair point…the appeal for me is kinda simple. A decent-sized, bright, color screen without it being a touch screen. My Roam doesn’t have a lot of color used on it and the BoltV2 is too small for me.

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This is what I’m seeing/thinking. I don’t see anything at all about these computers that would make you choose it over the existing products…?

It’s like they’ve brought out a product to match the current gen products, but right as they are potentially on the way out/being superseded.

Colour screen brightness for easier visibility sounds good for certain users. But spec and feature wise they seem a few steps behind.

I realize stages has been in the game for a long time now, but garmin and wahoo pretty much own the head unit space. This costs roughly the same and seems to do pretty much the same…
Ill reserve judgement until some people have them in hand and can comment, but the initial reviews doesnt look like anything thats gonna convert anyone from garmin or wahoo.

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If you’re quick you’ll see some commentary on using the M200 over on my Instagram stories for the next 24hrs.


1030 Plus vs 830 vs M200. No prizes for guessing which is which.

1030+ had mapping + six field ConnectIQ data on screen. 830 had just data fields. M200 almost went into low Earth orbit when I got the 20% battery remaining message.

Less than 10hrs for a full battery burn WITHOUT navigation is not what’s written on the side of the box.


Moonshot if it completely died? LOL. Will be interesting to see if battery life gets better, not unusual to have additional logging enabled on pre-release and early post-release electronic devices.

Yeah, I’ll double-check with them. Like @Gplama, my battery burn rates are too high at the moment. It was averaging 11.8%/hour on my ride a few days ago. Though, so was the Edge 830. No idea why it’s all crazy-town on this ride. Stages had navigation, Edge 830 didn’t - maybe backlight was set to max or somethign. The purpose of the ride wasn’t setup as a battery burn test though, it was basically an everything else test, including getting photos/video. Backlight was set to auto on a very dark day (rain storms/etc…).

Anyways, as noted, sometimes companies do leave logging on accidentally on earlier units (I’ve seen it with Garmin/Wahoo/others). So we’ll see.

Ride file for those curious: DC Rainmaker Analyzer