Stages Dash L10/M50/L50 GPS devices launched

So, finally, the new Stages Dash GPS devices have launched. The devices are: L10, M50 and L50.

I must say, the M50 and L50 look like a TrainerRoad user dream gps device, with their implementation of on-device workouts.

So the million-dollar question @Nate_Pearson, are you guys going to implement pushing TR workouts to the new Stages units?

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If they get popular and there’s an API; yes.


Thanks for the swift reply! So obviously not something that you are actively pursuing at the moment. I understand the need for proper market share before you allocate resources…

And Stages is in bed with the competitor, so it is probably not likely that they will publish an API.

I’m wondering if anybody (e.g. owners of “old” Stages Dash units) knows whether it’s possible to manually create a workout .FIT file (e.g. via GoldenCheetah) and upload it to the Dash?

The DCRainmaker Quick Update has some info in comment #42, appears to support uploading FIT files with trackpoints, and if the FIT file only has navigation points you would need to upload to Stages Link first.

At $300 I’m interested in the L50, and probably waiting for a) the DCRainmaker review, and b) Varia radar support that “Jim from Stages” claims in is on the roadmap sometime after launch. Software is hard and takes time, so I’m guardedly optimistic they can deliver Varia radar support in 2019 but only time will tell.

It would be awesome if they also released some different mounts. Specifically, I’m looking for a faceplate mount. Enve road aero bats don’t have space to mount anything :pleading_face:

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Same for my giant propel sl. And varia radar support. Too many unanswered hoops to take me away from Garmin.

Thanks for pointing that out! I am looking for a way to put custom structured workouts on the device, not routes. Basically: I want to be able to ride TR workouts outside on a Stages Dash headunit.

So, in the event that TR won’t support this device for automatic workout sync, I need the ability to manually create a TR workout so I can take the training outdoors. If you for example have a Garmin, you can create a workout on Garmin Connect and then sync it to the head unit. I’m investigating if something similar is possible for Stages Dash.

Probably not possible unless you pay 200$/year to subscribe to their (TrainingPeaks) training plans and analysis tools - something I sure as hell won’t do. It’s ridiculous to have to PAY extra just to be able to perform the training that I choose.

If I understand correctly, for structured workouts Stages supports either uploading a FIT file or using Stages Link premium ($200/year) account. Not clear if you can create FIT workout files for free on TP and use those with Stages. Might be possible to create workouts in Todays Plan (costs half of Stages Link) and upload those. Thanks for bringing this up - makes the 830 and 530 look like the best overall values.

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I’m actually more worried about hardware itself. Software can be fixed with defect fixes, especially when users start playing with it wider feedback is received.
but hardware… may require either users returning the headset and requesting a new one under warranty (garmin 530 back button), or having to live with that (like hammerhead karoo users having to get used to a headset with no sound).

another thing is that it doesn’t have strava segment integration. is this still the case?

Don’t know about Strava segments, I don’t use them on my bike computer as my preference is to go all out without looking at bike computer.

As far as I understood, Stages does not want to pay the per-device license fees for Strava segments. Lezyne is in the same boat I think. No dealbreaker for me though

Would you be able to make workouts on something like and upload them to your device, like you can on the Wahoo Bolt (and Garmins, I guess?)? That is ridiculously easy, and much much faster than using the Training Peaks workout builder.

I plan to replace my Garmin. Garmin sucks. I’m hoping the Dash L50 doesn’t have bugs that freezes up the device.

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Have you looked at the Bontrager Elite Blendr Stem?

Unfortunately, no .FIT export in… I’m busy browsing the interwebs, but no luck so far finding a tool that can convert e.g. mrc, erg or zwo files to .FIT

Interesting! I already have an enve stem though :disappointed:.

No Strava is a massive selling point, IMO.

Can’t stand unecessary software features on my head unit that (as has been said elsewhere) somehow turns every ride into a public referendum on my worth as a cyclist.

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Last I read from Lezyne, it is now supported.

I don’t even have strava segments, either. but it is a massive selling point, as you mentioned.

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DCRainmaker first ride:

@Ramon_Thompson there is info on mounts in the article, include a photo of the ENVE mount:

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This isn’t getting a lot of love on these forums.

No surprise why.