New smart trainer in the middle of SSB1 MV

hi, everyone!

last thursday, during one over under workout, my old elite qubo fluid “dumb” trainer died, leaving me hopeless and cursing for the rest of the evening XD

after two or three days thinking about what to do and assessing my financial situation…I decided, with my girlfriend’s approval (very important ;P) to buy a tacx flux s smart and get me a smart trainer in order to get the most from the TR workouts! Hopefully, it arrives tomorrow and I’ll be able to get back on track in almost no time!

my question is the following: what should I do? first of all, I suppose I should retest my FTP. the thing is I don’t know where to start. I was in the middle of week 4 of SSB1 MV.
I guess are the following:

a) start week 4 all over again, substituting the first week’s workout for the ramp test?
b) start from the beginning of week 3, still replacing the first week’s workout for the ramp test?

…during these days I have missed 3 workouts although I’ve been quite active: I did a small hike on saturday and, on sunday, a 2 hours and a half ride (it was supposed to be quite longer, but it started raining heavily; so I went back home and did a bit of bodyweight strenght training)

what do you guys think I should do?


This is what I would do - main reason is that the ramp test will set FTP of new trainer (unless you have a PM and using powermatch - then no need to ramp test and just continue on). No reason to go back to week 3. TR has a great post about missing workouts also:


thanks a lot for the advice! i’m going to read the post about missing workouts right now!

If you missed a few workouts, i’d restart the last week of the plan you started, and lead with a ramp test.

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