New SIS Beta Fuel Products

Just a follow up, thanks for the suggestions for fructose!
I found a local home-brewing (beer) supply online store that stocks 1kg fructose , but then I found this thread, and this reply:
(TL;DR: table sugar is just as good as 1:1 malto:fructo)

I have until now, as an alternative to malto+fructose, been experimenting with table sugar (60-90gr/hr)+lemon+salt for my 1-2hr workouts (0,85-0,9 IF). No stomach or taste issues. So for now I am actually just thinking I will keep doing this.
Am I missing something with this approach?

[quote=“Poul_Bentsen, post:21, topic:60960”]
Am I missing something with this approach?

I don’t think so, unless you think it tastes bad. The only practical objection I have taken from following these threads is that sucrose (i.e. sugar water) tastes much sweeter than malto+fructose, some people don’t like that taste and find it too sweet, syrupy/sickly or whatever. I think sugar water tastes fine so I just go with that. Taste is quite subjective I think.

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I do the same (table sugar), I go up to 10% solution and add a teaspoon of citric acid + sodium citrate. It’s sweet, but palatable. Certainly no sweeter than the usual tablets laced with sucralose sweeteners.

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Great to hear… I’m sucralose intolerant and h8 to see it almost everywhere…

And only if you’re comparing 1:1 gluc:fruc ratio from sucrose to a 2:1 gluc:fruc ratio from malto + fructose.

If you’re looking at identical gluc:fruc ratios from either sucrose or malto+fruc the sweetness is almost identical.

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Not a thing.


I love the malto + fructose mixture because it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach like Gatorade/Skratch/etc do. If you can stomach table sugar, it sure is a lot cheaper! I definitely wish I could.

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Aha, that’s good to hear.

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Only thing is that what is palatable for 1-2 hours is not necessarily palatable or without gastrointenstinal issues 4-5 hours straight if you plan to use it for those types of rides, definitely test it before events


ok, I’ll try posting this question here too given it’s the SIS thread:

Has anyone mixed two bags of beta fuel (160g of carbs) into a 500ml bottle? Any suggestion on how to prepare the bottle (i.e. hot water the night before etc…) ? It seems quite hard to dilute two bags in a single bottle.

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I’m just guessing here based on my general kitchen experience (!) but do you have a blender, mixer, processer? Or just a big jug or bigger container than your bottle? Using a bigger container that allows you to really mix it around and then decanting into your bottle is surely the way.

Beta fuel might say drink within 24 hours on the label (it used to anyway) but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be mixing it the night before, if the morning before or even a couple of days before is less stressful.

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Sorry this doesn’t answer your question, but I’ll say that I have a lot of leftover Beta Fuel because it’s VERY sweet and sticky and has a strong flavor compared to Maurten. If I was going to double up, I wouldn’t do it with Beta Fuel…but I have a very sensitive stomach, so ymmv.

No worries, any input is well appreciated and that’s good to know.

I tried mixing two bags this weekend but beta takes up a lot of volume in a 500ml bottle.

I was still able to somehow mix it and drink it but was a bit sceptical that perhaps that was still quite a chunk of powder at the bottom (forgot to check post ride…).

Is the Maurten easier to dilute? I’d really like to squeeze 160g into a 500m bottle as I wouldn’t have to rely much on gels or solid food.

I’ve never tried it with two in one. Hopefully someone else has. I’ve definitely experienced having leftovers in the bottle if I didn’t use warm water to mix though.

I’ve mixed 2 bags in a 950 bottle for long rides. I use some warm water to help break up the chunks and stick it in the fridge overnight. It’s worked well for me

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Same, I’ve mixed two with just cold tap water and stuck it in the fridge. I almost always chase with plain water so the sweet taste doesn’t really bother me, but I’m already used to other SiS products and artificial sweeteners

Malto from Bulk is 95% Carbs, do you take that into account or does it not matter?

~38g Malto : 30g Fructose
~40g Malto (~38g) : 30g Fructose

Also does concentration matter, read 15% in various places.

I have two 300ml bottles for running, how would you fill these? Assuming just water at aid stations.

PS Using Electrolyte Tabs for Salt and flavour.