New "Recommended Training Approach" Articles Now Live in the Help Center

The newly completed Training Articles in the Help Center are designed to help athletes from all cycling disciplines choose the best training approach for them.

Each cycling discipline has its own article that includes:

  • A brief overview of the target race’s demands
  • Recommended plan options
  • Helpful tips on strategy, nutrition, etc.

You can check out the articles in the Training Questions section of the TrainerRoad Help Center, or by following any of the links below:

Road Training Disciplines:

Off-Road Training Disciplines

These articles are a work in progress, so if you feel that there is anything we missed, feel free to chime in below.

I hope these articles prove helpful for ya’ll! :slight_smile:

Happy Training!


@Bryce On

the link in what’s next to

sends you down an authentication redirect hole and dumps you back out at the landing page.

Ooh that’s no good. I’ll look into that, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Update: Fixed :boom:

Looks like you have changed Century plan to Gran Fondo as discussed in a recent podcast.

The Specialty Plan itself is still called “Century”, but the article is called “Gran-Fondo” for a little more clarity :ok_hand:

Great work! I have several friends that I’ll send these to.

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great stuff, thanks!

Fantastic work guys. I love it. You guys are just awesome!!!

Awesome–this will be very helpful for many people!
One typo: at the end of the Road Stage Racing Progression, it says:

Not quite the perfect fit?

Road Racing Progression: If your target event is a stage race rather than a standalone road racing event, check out this article.

I think you want this to say: “If your target event is a STANDALONE road racing event rather than a stage race, check out this article.”

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Cool! FYI, the gravel page has a heading titled “Different Types of Gran Fondos”.

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Fixed, thank you!


I’m curious what the recommendations would be for a 200mi RR? It’s not a Gran Fondo type situation that you’re simply trying to finish but a full blown RR with teams, attacks, and breakaways so sticking to endurance pace isn’t an option.

I understand that this sort of event wouldn’t be addressed by articles like these since so few of TR users would be interested in such content, but I’m curious on people’s thoughts.

A 200 mile road race? Wow! Where’s that?Even the World Tour Monuments are shorter than that.

Hey Vision!

For that I would likely recommend:

Sweet Spot Base I and II
General or Sustained Power Build
Climbing Road Race

I would choose General Build if the course is rolling and punchy, while I would use sustained if you’ll see extended climbing on course :slight_smile:

Good luck with your season!


@dbf, yeah 200 miles wasn’t mistyped. It is a point to point race called LOTOJA going from Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming. It is the longest USAC sanctioned race. It also has a Gran Fondo portion as well.

Here’s a Strava file LOTOJA Route

@Bryce thanks that was essentially what I was thinking, SSB and then doing general build to address the general RR fitness needed to respond to attacks/stay with the group and then climbing RR to address the three “big” climbs which should also address the sustained power needed for a really long event.


How about Triathlon??? IM, and 70.3 specifically, please!


+1 to this! Also, perhaps the TR team could include how to lengthen a plan if there’s extra time in the year?

For instance I have a 70.3 in September and will have l time to do HIM base, build, and specialty. BUT I will have about an additional 7-8 weeks left until my race. So I’m planning on adding SSB II low volume (while simultaneously incorporating the swim/runs that’s in HIM build) between the HIM base & HIM Build.

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This is something that we plan to add in the future :slight_smile:

I will need to meet with Chad and some of the other coaches here at TrainerRoad to try and address all of the likely scenarios :+1:


+1 to triathlon but also how to include strength training into a triathlon plan (i.e. what and when).

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