New Parent - weight gain

Bit of a kick in the nuts getting on the scale yesterday morning and seeing that i had put 4kg on since the birth of my son (6 and half months). Food wise I admittly havent been great, I always induldge over Xmas which isnt a problem as I burn off the majority of it with the extra time i have where i dont work over Xmas but straight after that I got a neck injury and was off any form of exercise for about 6 weeks. Then getting up at 4am, typically, I would eat something straight away to get me going before breakfast at usual time of 8am. So there’s added calories there.

I’ve been cycling during the time but limited, its been hard to follow any plan as the hour i use to spend straight afterwork exercising is now condensed down to 30 or 45 minutes on my lunch break.

I’m starting to get back to some normality now, but with 4kg to get back to the weight where i was already trying to loose weight, this summer is going to be tough, and it shows already. My 30km route that i use to do just to get out for an hour has now turned into an absolute slogfest.

More a moan at myself than anything, but curious how other new parents have coped?

Well, at some point you have to accept your situation. Not sure how much potential for removing crap food and alcohol you have, though.

This was me after my twins and a third one when I took up racing again:


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Same same. You slowly find your way back as you get back to normalcy or I should say the new normal w/kid(s).

As you get moving again, cut the crap food and/or stress eating, get more sleep, less beer/wine to unwind :smile:, the weight will come off.

Luckily, alcohol isn’t really a problem for me, maybe have a few months of having 2 or 3 beers and then the rest of the time I dont drink (have epilepsy so I moderate this as it can lead to be a trigger for me).

Crap food is a problem but just am starting to actively tackle it now. calorie counting has pointed our some crap i was eatting for the sake of it, was doing this prior to being a parent but was countering it with the amount of exercise I was doing. Now everything counts :wink:

Enjoy your new baby, you’ll never get that time back - ever.

Racing & Training can be performed at any time in your life, just keep as healthy as you can with broken sleep & eating patterns etc and training can be one at either end of the day, but the focus should be on Jnr for now.


Don’t criticise yourself, you’re already winning at life :+1: - a few kilos here and there don’t matter.

In terms of training - I started training after becoming a parent. Early mornings are your “me time”, or after everyone else has gone to bed. If you commute, there’s stealth training time to be had there. Running is more efficient for lunchtime time crunched training.

Aim to eat and sleep regularly, but accept that adequate is the new perfect.

I have been in the same boat with first baby in July 2019 and second one March 2022. While people above are right saying you need to focus on your child/ren at this time, please use my story as a cautionary tale. I did an x-tri the month before my son was born with a race weight of about 79kg, regular long term sustainable weight 80-81kg. I now weigh 92kg with the extra 4kg you mentioned became 8kg then it became 12kg over two Christmases, lockdowns etc. I am now having a hell of a time shifting it, with poorer sleep and less recovery time, in addition to getting older like everyone else, weight loss does not come as easily as it used to.

There is a ton of good advice on the forum about weight loss but there seem to be recurring themes - using a calorie tracker to get a ballpark of what you are really eating as it nearly always seems to be more than you expect, and being realistic about what exercise you can do regularly. I would suggest you are right to be keeping an eye on it now, but don’t let it ruin your life while you’re trying to enjoy the time with your son.