Picking up weight (10%) and immediately losing after hard race

I did a 200 km team time trail on Saturday and after that had a couple of beers and bottle wine. That is normal. What I’m not sure is normal is my weight change before and after the event. The Friday before the event I was 81 kg, the Sunday evening I topped out at 89 kg, Monday 87,3, Tuesday 83,9 kg and today after my run back down to 80 kg. Is this normal? I understand that there is inflammation, water retention etc. but wondering if this is just too much and if there might be something else wrong.

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Sounds more like your scales are off :relaxed:

My guess would be that you’re likely dehydrated in normal life, but drank plenty of fluids and lots of carbs during the race (and afterwards) which allowed the water retention. When you got back to your ‘normal’ lifestyle you reverted to a state of chronic dehydration and the ‘weight’ loss occurred.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I didn’t stay at Holiday Inn last night.

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I don’t know the science, but it definitely takes my body a few days to adjust back to “normal” after the weekend, which usually involves Friday night beers and crisps (chips); Sunday night 3 beers, and Saturday and Sunday slightly over eating (or at least not being so concerned about nutrition). There’s normally a club spin, or Saturday TR workout in there too.

I’ve always put it down to water retention, in some kind of cycle of recovering from several dehydration periods - alcohol, salty crisps, saltier than weekday foods all having a diuretic effect, plus then possible dehydration from the ride/ workout. So dehydrate, rehydrate, dehydrate etc and that kinda messes with the body.

That’s my n=1 experience anyway. I weigh myself most days, but it’s the Friday one I take as my “real” weight.

I kicked it, toed it, moved it, but it remain the same. Its a garmin scale which syncs to account and I weigh myself everyday. It is the most logical conclusion, but not the case here. That is why was wondering if my scale is correct if I’m broken.

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My weight over the last 6 months…spot the weekends!!! So fairly normal to have such huge variance? I tend to eat super healthy during the week and super everything over weekends.
Yes, I know it had an upwards trend…was winter here :wink:

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I was being somewhat facetious but + and then - 8kg in 3-3days is…well, incredible! Thats a crazy amount of weight.

This is on the high side of normal, but definitely within a normal range.

That’s my experience. And I’d be the same. Well not super unhealthy at the weekend, but definitely beer and crisps in the mix. Occasional cake too!

9kg in 3 days!? :flushed: That crazy.