New Mac Update - bugs, lags, dropouts

New update got installed automatically. It lags a lot - meaning interval timer is stopping suddenly - instructions as well. And then the timer goes on and is counting down faster to catch up on the real interval time.
Also later had a big dropout of my sensors - trainer + HR monitor connected via bluetooth - it made the software stop and I had to start again.
It might be linked to internet connection since I am watching video at the same time - but I never had this kind of issue in the past with past update.

Is this the beta software? I’m using the beta and had dropouts recently.

No this isn’t the beta version. It’s the new software but not beta version. Last one that got released last week. 2019.28.62

N=1, through 3.5 hours of use this weekend, no issues here.

Could you email us at Our agents will be able to look into it more and hopefully be able to help you.

I know from the feedback and metrics that we have is that the stability, speed, and device connections have improved.

I also experience my FIRST drop-outs on Windows after the latest update. (Suunto ANT+ dongle, Taxc NEO (v1)) - Have extensively used this setup with zero issues up to now.

Hey Tuomas,

We’re really sorry to hear that. Did anything else change in your environment, or was the new app the only difference? With any wireless data transmission, you run the risk of dropouts and 9 times out of 10 these dropouts are caused by some sort of interference or environmenal factor.

Would you mind checking over this article to see if there is anything that can be improved in your environment to bolster your wireless signal?

If nothing has changed in your environment, and you are optimized according to the article, then we definitely want to take a closer look at what else may have been the cause of your issue. Please shoot us an email at so that an agent can assist you :+1:.

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