Cadence Dropouts with Mac M1

Good day all:

I’m wondering if I’m alone experiencing cadence (only) dropouts on my Macbook Pro M1. Regardless if I’m using ANT+ or Bluetooth, my cadence drops at semi regular intervals, say 10 seconds, just long enough to see a dip on the graph. My Kickr power and my heart rate data are fine, again, regardless if I’m on BT or Ant+.

I tried 2 different cadence sensor, a garmin and a Wahoo, using fresh batteries, and still no love.

When using Ant+, I tried putting the stick right under the bike with a usb extension, but it doesn’t change anything.


I solved a lot of my pain cave connection problems by switching my Mac and iPhone to my 5ghz wifi radio.

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This may or may not be an entirely relevant anecdote:

I’ve tried on both a Mac and a PC. I run Zwift/TR concurrently with two ANT+ dongles positioned just under my Kickr bike. I even downloaded a program to move my 2.4GHz WiFi traffic off the relevant channel (I believe 11?). I had zero issues with Zwift (that I could see) but continued to have intermittent dropouts in TR that would pause the workout.

I switched to using either an iPad or my iPhone depending on the necessary entertainment for the day and have had zero dropouts since. I have still never had any issues with running Zwift.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I do indeed have devices that were using 2.4GHz. On yesterday’s ride, I tried disconnecting some of them (close to the pain cave) and it seemed to be better. Last night I slowly moved some devices to 5GHz, and I’ll continue tonight. Hopefully this will show better results on my next ride. Stay tuned.


Oddly enough, my problems were fixed, not by messing with 2.4G vs 5G wifi, but by using a different computer. Instead of my shiny M1 Macbook Pro, I got a cheap Mac Mini from late 2014 and it’s rock solid with all my sensors… Go figure.