New Lasko Mist Fan

Misting blower fan. Costco $120. Game changer for hot weather training.


That name needs a Mr. in front of it. “Mr. Misto” has a better ring to it.

I’m pretty anti-blower fans. They’re quieter, but ‘blown area’ > any other metric.


Living in Texas, we have natural mist (humidity).


Interesting to read about the “Louvers” that actually oscillate (or not via control button on the side) to create a wider sweep of air. Not a feature I would want for riding use, but a cool way to make the coverage better with this style of fan.

looks cool!

Neat, tiny prefab swamp cooler. That’d be nice for standing around but for working out I’d much rather have evaporation happen on my skin vs inside the fan.

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Neat. Definitely going to look into buying one or two of these for my garage and back porch parties… but probably not for training.

@jfranci3 Lasko Super Fan Max SF-20-G. Game changer. Blower fan intensity, with an airstream approx 3’ x 3’ at 4 - 5’ distance from opening. [1 m x 1 m @ 1.5 m].

There’s been a fair bit of fan fair about this fan from fans of it on this forum.

I think success of this, and reviews of it, will be heavily divided; many 1 star reviews, and many 5 star reviews, very few 2 - 4, and all of these decided 100% by the user’s climate, rather than any merits or failures of the fan itself. [Providing it does a good job at what it tries to do.]

If you’re in a hot climate with 0 - 20% relative humidity, and your body is killing itself trying to sweat enough to keep you cool, this will help alleviate some of that stress, and keep you cooling evaporatively, as the incoming air will still be dry enough to cause evaporation of that deposited water.

If you’re in a climate with 40+ RH, you’re just going to be swampy, hot and miserable, your body’s going to be trying to sweat more to cool you, none of it’s evaporating, you’re getting hotter, it’s pouring all over your bike, and you’re hot, soaked and cranky, and posting 1 star reviews.

Boom. Nailed it. :wink:


/Golf clap

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That’s certainly what that fan looks like to me. Sensible cooling feels good. Latent cooling actually cools you off.

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Super Max pain cave. Nice!