Fans/blowers. Has anyone tried these?

Shop-Air by Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover 3-Speed 3-Position Dryer for Wet Carpets, Floors, Walls & Ceilings, 500 CFM Motor
Has anyone tried this style? About the same price as lasko performance but a lot more cfm. I figured I could turn it on it’s side and get air going over most of my body.

I highly recommend a Lasko! I just got one a few weeks ago and still can’t believe how much air they push while being so quiet. I looked at the style in your link but not being able to direct the air flow seemed like a major flaw.

As Jason stated, the problem I have with that design is it appears you are locked into a single position which appears to be about a 45º angle. This would be an absolute deal breaker for me. When I setup my two Lasko’s I was on and off the bike multiple times micro adjusting the angle and direction of the fans to get them just exactly perfect. As far as air flow, I run my Lasko U15610s on low and find that more than enough and may put a controller in to be able to slow them down a bit when the garage is cooler.

This fan works really well.

You can make that blower work but the Lasko type is way better because its adjustable as others mentioned and the wind beam of these things is focused enough that you want to be able to easily adjust the aim.

Also, if you want to get any non bike use out of it, the Lasko is more flexible. It can be a fan or a floor dryer. The blower you link to is really only a floor dryer.

I use one similar and the lack of blower angle adjustments is handled by shims (deck of cards).

The name of the game with these bad boys is directionality and velocity. CFM takes a backseat.

Being able to pinpoint the airflow makes a huge difference. I have three of the Stanley models and rarely need to set the speed above 2 out 3 because the position of each fan is dialed. If any of them get bumped half an inch, I feel the difference.

My idea was to set it sideways and make a brace that holds it to the angle I need/want. This would make
The wide part going vertically and would cover most of my body and I would only need one fan.

That one is OK, but the Latsko is much better. I run both currently, Latsko is my main front fan, use the Stanley on my back. Stanley flow area is smaller and it’s not quite as strong.

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which Lasko model?

I use a Lasko Wind Machine. We already had it so I tried it and found it moves plenty of air for me. It has 3 speeds and the angle is easy to adjust. I also have a on off remote that I can turn it on with from the bike. I think the remote was $12 a few years ago on Amazon. Only thing I wish for is a remote speed control but that is probably available too with a little looking. I am a bit cold natured and don’t want it on till I get warmed up.

I used a blower with a HEPA filter. With all the fires and smoke we’ve been having in Sonoma County, I bought this to use with my indoor trainer because the smoke seeps into the house. Also, I get allergies during certain times of the year, so this really helps with my training:

The ones like this:

Lasko max performance pivoting utility fan

I have the yellow one from Amazon I bought in 2018. Not sure if it’s exactly the same, but same concept. The Stanley is smaller and not quite as powerful, but it’s good for that price and as a secondary or backup fan too.

Anyone have any luck finding Lasko or equivalents in Europe? I’ve been searching but no dice yet…


I’m in the UK and bought a Cleva fan, they appear to be very very similar to the lasko;

Use ‘TRAINERROAD10’ for a discount!

They’re pretty quiet and very rarely use anything higher than the 1st power setting with it positioned right in front of my front wheel (in a small box room too!).

Hope this helps,


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Model numbers 4900 or 4905. The 4905 puts out a little more air at each of the three settings. I would personally buy whichever is cheaper or available.

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Thx 4900 was cheaper and an AMazon basics. Ordered it and looking forward to using it.

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Yeah just get a Lasko (or 2 for summer) and never look back. Bought mine back when I was racing motorcycles. Used them in the pits for 110F summer days in 25lbs racing suit. This was back in 2011 or something. 9 years of use and still strong. Never had to do any maintaining or anything on it either.

I ve been using a Lasko circular (cyclone?) but now I 'll add the Lasko 4900 ftw!