New, But Super Excited About It Now

Hi everyone! After writing in feeling pretty “meh” about my start with TrainerRoad, I did want to let folks know that I see things moving in the right direction! Yay! So this is a cautious thumbs-up that adaptive training might just work for little-old me.

After rating two workouts “very hard” and thinking that I might need to quit for a while and go get in shape so that I can come back and train in here with the serious folks :slightly_frowning_face:… Abracadabra, the magic of AT appears to be kicking in and I got a workout that was hard, but not too hard! I can’t describe how excited I am about this! If this system can take me by the hand and manage to not give me too much to soon, I feel like I might actually be able to get good at this someday. (Good being a relative term…) My wild fantasy is being able to go out and keep up with my husband someday. He doesn’t like structured training, so I figure if I just keep doing my “little indoor trainer” workouts, I’ll actually have a bit of an advantage :innocent:.


Keep up with him?
Nahhhh, drop him!
(and regardless, remember to have fun, both indoors and outdoors :grinning:)