Feels great to be back in a programme!

Hi all,

New user to Trainerroad, having come over from The Sufferfest. Enjoyed it over there in Sufferlandria, but honestly, it was beginning to feel like Wilder and Fury were ganging up on me, raining in blows left right and centre. Had some really good improvements after the first programme, but after that, I just wasn’t getting any stronger, and was beginning to resent having to train. Seemed like the same workouts over and over, and there was just no motivation to give it my all.

Trainerroad really feels like it’s going to build a solid foundation first, rather than just smashing me with horrendous workout after horrendous workout from the outset (that’s what the speciality phase is for, right…?)

I’m on a mid-volume plan, with crits as the speciality, and just started on SSB1 (I’m JUST getting the hang of all the terminology. It’s like trying to order a coffee in NYC). Got through the first workout (Leavitt +2) and it just feels so good to be back on a programme and feeling motivated and confident I can regain some of the form from last year (prior to a nightmare of life stresses that damaged my fitness severely).

I’ll be posting workouts to the group workout calendar, in case anyone else is just starting a new programme and wants to join in.