Trainerroad impressing already

I am new to Trainerroad as I recently transferred over from another platform.

3 weeks ago I did my Trainerroad ramp test and the results were pretty much what I expected my ftp to be ( within 4 watts). I then spent 2 weeks having a play around picking my own workouts and using train now. This Monday I started a training plan (rolling Road plan) and did another ramp test adding 15 Watts to my previous test. So far I am really enjoying the plan, the workouts are perfect for me and I like seeing how adaptive training modifys my future workouts after smashing a workout.


Nice bump up in FTP well done.

It’s my second winter using TR and think the introduction of adaptive training is working really well.

At times during my last winter plan I often felt I was overreaching on workouts and would be pretty much fit for nothing after some of them. I like how it progresses now it feels more gradual. Looking forward to getting a few tests done myself and seeing how well it’s working.

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I know if I am left to choose myself I will probably always choose a workout that is too hard and end up overtraining. Which is why I choose to follow a plan. Like you said adaptive training is great on the way it progresses so as you get fitter the workouts don’t get too easy and if you need to back off a bit it does.