AT beta - now what?

I’ve been accepted into the beta. Training has been a bit rubbish the last few months (TR rides started getting too long, started missing them, so the whole mid level plan just got too hard!) and non-existent the lately few weeks due to mild illness. I have deleted my plan.

Quick question - Now I’m in the beta trial, should I still be trying to follow a plan, or just go with whatever the recommended ride is?

Like many, I have been working at home the last 18 months. In the last 4 or so I’ve started doing 30 minute easy rides in the morning (like Taku or Volunteer). Originally I started these as Jesse F on TR mentioned them as fat burning rides! Not sure that worked, but it gets the day off to a great start mentally and physically - I need the endorphins.
Also i lift weights 3 times a week.

Thanks for any tips. I can’t seem to find a simple article on what I should do now I’m in beta!

You have a few options…

I would start by reading all the blog post’s related to adaptive training on that page starting with the one from the 22nd April…