Need help with picking right training

My first post here. I am new to TR and truly enjoy it.
I am 52yo cyclist. My experience is only
two years but I have been active before cycling as a runner, Spartan racing.
My last outdoor FTP in September was 295, but on TR I have 235 after month of rest.
My A race is coming in July 3rd.
After listening to TR podcast I decided to Start with SSB Mid Vol 1 Base Training 3 weeks ago
I have no problem with completing training so far and don’t want to ramp it up since my goal is to improve my base before I move into something more specific.
My plan is to move to Build Face - General Build, High Volume and lastly Specialty Face - Climbing road Race, High Volume

I am heavy, 90-92Kg/ 186cm and best I can do is 86-88kg. Climbing is where I struggle most and it is my biggest limiter, on flats I can maintain 40km/hr for about 60min with 90-95% of FTP.

Can you please tell me if this is right sequence to prep for A race in July or should I do something else.
I will do at least 3 ‘B’ type races before my ‘A’ type.

Thanks for any advice


Be sure to check out the new Plan Builder. It is meant for this purpose exactly:

As a general comment on your questions above, I’d be hesitant to head into High Volume anything. That is unless you have a history of handling LOTS of stress, especially indoor stress (which can be more demanding to many people than outdoor stress).

Based on your limited 2 year training history, and your age, it seems High Volume would not be the best bet. But that is me being conservative. We have seen so many people bite of more than they can chew, crash and burn from too much work and/or to little recovery.

Up to you, but realize that HV plans are meant for those that really can handle a lot of stress (and have time to recover properly).

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Thanks for your advice. Last summer my weekly TSS load avg was over 500TSS, avg for the whole year 400TSS per week. My problem is zero idea about what and when. This is why I came to TR.
thanks again