Need help deciding which event type I should select for the following races when building the TR training plan

  1. 255 km 4.8km elevation gain (more like many 10-20 minutes climbs rather than very long ones)
  2. 155 km 1.8km elevation gain
  3. 135 km 300m elevation gain (xd)
  4. 130 km 2.2km elevation gain (long climbs)

Bit confused about how the different event categories in Trainer Road work. Which one would you recommend me to choose for each of these races?

You’re confused, make that two! Just pick the category that you feel best suited to and think you’ll enjoy!

Probably the century plan

The answer depends more on how you plan to race/ride the events than the events themselves

Are you racing these in a mass-start event where the first person to cross the line wins and you’re planning to compete for the win? Are these non-timed events where you’re looking to finish? Are these timed events where you’ll be riding solo for a significant portion of the time?

I’d posit that the answer to those questions drives which plan more than the course details you’ve posted

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Agreed. Racing - climbing road race. Riding - century. Either way - sustained power build.


They are all mass-start events so I’ll be racing to compete and win (although not too probable)

Ok, I was not sure on the difference between Climbing Race and Gran Fondo but I guess the first is more oriented towards a more competitive event with rhythm changes?

My idea is the following:

  1. Climbing Road Race
  2. Climbing Road Race
  3. Rolling Road Race
  4. Climbing Road Race

I’m unsure on whether Rolling Road race would be better than climbing for the second one but I am unsure of what the focus are for both types.

Exactly. If you play around with plan builder you can see the workouts they’ll give you based on what you specify.

As an example, Rolling Road Race (low volume) specialty will give you Anaerobic Repeats and two different flavours of VO2 for your 3 workouts.

Climbing Road Race - 2 × VO2 and 1 Threshold

Century - 1 Threshold, 1 VO2, 1 Sweetspot

Pick whichever of those that best matches the demands of your event.


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Either rolling road race or climbing road race. If the decisive sections are six to eight minutes then do rolling, if longer then climbing

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