Need help after 12 weeks of base training for 8 hour MTB race

Let’s start with a little bit of background.

On Monday, January 6, I began doing 6 weeks of base training using one of the TR low intensity plans. I don’t remember the exact plan I chose. All I see is “base 1” on my calendar.

Once base 1 was completed I started doing what my calendar is showing as “base 2”.

In total I have done 12 weeks of base training. Everything seemed to have gone well and was able to raise my FTP from 184 to 204. I have another FTP test scheduled for today, so I expect even greater gain.

I have an 8 hour MTB race on Saturday, July 25, and was looking at the plan builder for a generic plan that would sufficiently train me as so far my weeks have been identical in terms of riding duration: Monday 60 minutes, Wednesday 60 minutes, and Saturday 1.5 hours. Clearly, I have some endurance work to do.

So anyways, I created plan and added my 8 hour race. When I look at the plan that was created for me none of the rides are over two hours. I don’t understand.

Would someone clue me in as to what I’m doing wrong?

Bonus if someone could give me some tips on a TR plan for someone that can cycle 6-8 hours per week.

Thank you.

Hey there!

In order to prepare for a long-distance event, you don’t neccessarily need to ride your full duration in training. This article dives into more detail on this subject:

If you choose the Mid-Volume plan in Plan Builder, this will prescribe you approximately 6-8 hours per week. An alternative option would be to choose a Low Volume plan and add a long 3-4 hour endurance ride on the weekends if you prefer having more uninterrupted time in the saddle.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the detailed explanation.

I have already completed 12 weeks of sweet-spot base training, so I’ll skip the plan builder, where I was able to increase my FTP from 184 to 226.

According to the article linked I should be good to pick either the 12 week sustained power or general build plans, both at mid-volume, in order to survive an 8 hour MTB race.

Is that correct?

As an aside, I was able to raise my FTP from 204 to 226! That brings me to 3.69 watts/kilo. :smile: