Need advice setting up my program

I have two major goals (covid permiting). A century in April, and a series of triathalons in May, June, July, and August. I don’t know if it’s going to be possible with the way things are set up. Any advice on which options to select?

I’ve fooled around with it, but it doesn’t really seem to up the miles fast enough if I select tri.

Plan builder.?
You don’t have to train long to go long but it does help.

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Plan Builder with two A events. Pick the century and one of the later Triathlons as A…

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I did that, but the max ride was like two hours. Maybe I’m wrong, but that doesn’t seem like enough time.

TR workouts are structured in such a way that the intensity is much higher so that you dont have to ride as long. You’ll get the same, if not better results from working at a high intensity for two hours than spinning away for 4.

For example you’ll see a lot of workouts in the .80-.90 IF range over any where from 1-2 hours. If you compare this to the pacing required for your century which will likely be in the neighborhood of 4 hours at .70 IF. If you tried to do a .90 IF TR workout for 4 hours, you simply wouldn’t finish it.

Long story short, its plenty of time. When you get closer to your event it wouldnt hurt to get out for some 3-4 hours rides, so that you body gets used to being in that riding position for that amount of time. Come April you’ll like find that you’re plenty fit, but the rest of your body will be sore.

Good luck, have fun!


Do you know if I add events later the plan will adjust, or do I have to rebuild the program?

2 hours indoors is different from 2hours out. When I did the Mallorca 312 I was with a coach and most of my turbo sessions were sub 1h and closer to the time I augmented it with a few imperial centuries at weekends. It worked for me I’m sure it’ll work for you, good luck :slight_smile:

Yip it’ll adjust, when you add or takeaway an event, you asked do you want to rebuild :slight_smile:

You also have to bear in mind that a two hour TR workout means pedalling for that duration non stop. Yes there are different intensities but how many people genuinely go out and pedal for that length of time non stop? :thinking: Not many.? :thinking:

You can try this out by doing one of the shorter disaster workouts. There’s some determination needed to get through one of those and indeed some of the normal workouts… :joy:

I’ve been fooling around with it, and it doesn’t seem to really like the mix between cycling events and a triathlon both as A events.

It will plan for both, but it will only give you the cycling workouts until that race, and then switch to triathlon after that. In an ideal world I would be building the running and swimming part longer while I can. But I’ll make it work.