NBCSports Gold moved to Peacock

Anybody knows what happened with NBC Gold Pass, this morning I logged in to watch a replay but seems services have been a move to a new provider.

Read the FAQ, looks like if you are a paid subscriber they wont move your subscription over

I got this email

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When you signed to NBC Gold the subscription went to June 8, regardless of when you signed up. NBC Gold has been folded into Peacock (another NBC property) so if you want to continue getting cycling from NBC, you have to choose a plan from there.

Looks like $5/mnth USD……sigh

That’s awesome! $5 for the whole TdF!


NBC Gold was $55 for the year, so not that much different.

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Except I’ll cancel after the tour. NBC Gold didn’t have a monthly option. $5 < $50


Fair I just hate monthly things.

With a free week you probs can get the tour for $5. But with Olympics right after it night be wise to keep it

Roubaix in October is worth $5

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Anybody know if Peacock will force you to listen to pure torture that is Bob Roll and Phil Liggett? Or will they have the alternate commentators like Sports Gold had?

Need to know if I need to purchase a VPN service…

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lack of details - there are posts/comments that there will be no replays/on-demand on peacock. Which brings its value down to close to $0 for me, if true.

Update: There is now at least a few words now on Peacock’s site - “You can’t miss cycling’s most anticipated event of the year! Stream all 21 stages from start to finish, or watch on demand.


Ya, without on demand it’s pretty useless. I’d look at GCN+ instead.


I have GCN+ and really like it. But, they won’t be broadcasting the Tour in the US at least. Perhaps highlights, but not races.

Seems really bungled with NBC Sports. I only learned of the switch the day my subscription expired, and half-way through the dauphine. and could not find any good information on the nature of the peacock coverage. doh!

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$5 is good for me. Peacock has a Roku app and the stages will be available on demand. I used my free trial to catch the last week of the Giro when they carried the end of the stages and the interface was decent.

I’m assuming the announcers will be Phil Liggett and Bob Roll which is fine. I’m not going to go out of my way just to hear a different announcing team.


Does anybody know if there are commercials and can you skip ahead/replay on Peacock?

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If you have xfinity you get free peacock premium, just signed up


I’ll jump through 8 flaming hoops to avoid them. It’s one thing to also have them dumb down bike racing strategy for an American audience that only watches TdF, get riders names wrong all the time, and act surprised at how Froome is getting dropped on climbs like the cycling world doesn’t already acknowledge he’s nowhere near his former self. I can just tune it out and listen to the sounds of the race. The unforgivable part though is constantly switching between miles and kilometers. Using miles in a bike race is bad enough, but jumping between the two is worse than nails on a chalkboard to me.

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Last year they had both NBC and ad-free versions on the Gold package. Not sure we will have a similar deal in this year’s TdF on Peacock, we will find out on Saturday LOL. Frankly, I liked both and ad-free was more convenient watching on the trainer. You also don’t miss the key moments in ad-free version. Luckily we have Xfinity so it’s free. (thx for the heads up @redlude97 )

I checked it last night and there was even a couple of this year’s Giro replays on Peacock. Not sure how that happened. Maybe there was a glitch I dunno but it was fun to watch Caruso win S20 again on TV. My wife is already hating me because of the NBA playoffs and now comes TdF. She has no idea :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The NBCSports website: Watch Tour de France 2021: Live Stream, TV Schedule, Stages

Shows NBCSN is covering the Tour. Yes its Bob/Phil but its on our streaming service (Fubo.tv) and starting to show up in the guide:

During the last week of the Giro Peacock carried the end of each stage commercial free through the podium ceremonies. They used the world feed with Matt Stephens and Ned Boulting as commentators. It was pretty cool not having to depend on Tiz to view the finish lol.

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I’m going old school for one last time - Comcast and Tivo. I’ve been watching things “on demand” for decades. But this will be the last year on linear TV I think.