NBC Sports Network to shut down

Does anyone know what this might mean for Sports Gold pass members and cycling coverage?



Thanks. Just disabled auto-renew just in case.

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Being discussed in the FLO thread…more than a few posts on it now.

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For quick access:


I was about to get bummed because I watch a lot of soccer but I see they’re pivoting to peacock. I do wonder if they are hurting the soccer coverage having mostly on peacock as opposed to on cable and occasionally on the main NBC network.

That sucks. NBC Sports Net is my most watched sporting channel by far. Cycling, skiing, hockey & IndyCar. I’m guessing most of the content will go to Peacock which is unfortunate since I won’t pay for another add on. Might spring and do a single month during the Tour but the rest of the year forget it.

Peacock is free if you are a Comcast customer.

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If the tour were on Peacock that would actually save me some money, because I could just pay for a month. Cycling Pass was $50 for the year with no monthly option.

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Yeah I just pirate my parents’ comcast because I have Fios lol

Velonews has an article up on it now…

Joe Flint of The Wall Street Journal tweeted that the Tour de France could be headed to the Peacock streaming service.

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I wonder if this means the Olympic channel is gone as well. Did a brief search on google and didn’t see mention of it, but it was brief.

No, the Olympic Channel will reportedly continue…I made a post about it in the Flobikes thread.

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I think they have to be, NBC’s Premier League coverage via Peacock is not on the level of what ESPN does with their leagues or CBS with the Champions League. CBS and ESPN manage to cover several times more matches than NBC ever needs to and then are able to get those same games up online so that I can watch the replays. Between riding and working it’s rare I can watch European sports live.

The games aren’t up quickly enough and the Peacock app, like the NBC apps before it, is not very good in comparison to the competition.

They could do fine with having the English league on Peacock, if they get their act together. But personally I’d love to see NBC stop covering cycling and soccer (football) completely. They don’t do a good job with any of it and are well behind the other streaming services.

I think it was on there this year, the highlights and some other stuff from that and the Vuelta are still there. Because Peacock has some free content and other paid only content I can never tell which is which. But I remember wondering this year during the Tour if all I was really getting now from my cycling pass was the ad free feed.

And based on the way they cover other things on Peacock I’d expect the live Tour feed to be shown in the app under the “Channels” tab. But you never know, they certainly like to have me hunt all over their apps to find what I’m watching while trying to avoid their spoilers posted in and amongst the replays.

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I just got the below email on this. Peacock is $4.99 / month ($49.99 / year) with ads or $9.99 / month ($99.99 / year) without ads. Has anyone used Peacock? I can’t find any info on cycling coverage, but at least with the month to month, I can just get the Tour and then cancel.

I have Peacock as a comcast customer. The app interface isn’t great, but if you know what you are looking for it’s fine. Love that I won’t have to pay for the premier league pass and the cycling pass this year. (of course comcast just upped my rate though, so I’m probably losing anyways!)

The big question, will there be an option that doesn’t have the Phil Liggett broadcast dumbed down for a us audience and using miles instead of km?

they did during la vuelta (with no interruptions too), so hopefully peacock does the same

I have my parents’ peacock access (I actually set it up myself because they’re not tech saavy enough to do much besides browse their ipads lol), plus I get the benefit of having fios for myself which has been way better than comcast

Yes - I wish I could just get the Eurosport coverage like I can for the GCN+ races available in the US. Or just have GCN+ to the US rights for everything