Best way to watch TdF 2022? (in the US)

I don’t have cable…
Am I better off:
-Getting the NBC pass?
-Getting a VPN and GCN+?
-Something else?

I’d rather not get cable just for this…

Peacock for $4.99. Cancel after one month.

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This is my option. Sometimes I have to hop around to different vpn endpoints to find one that works.


Peacock will be cheapest if you can live with their announcers

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Get a VPN and “move” to Australia where you might find a free broadcast. :innocent:

Some Xfinity/Comcast internet customers get Peacock for free. I believe you have to have internet only and you have to get one of their free streaming boxes (Xfinity Flex).


i have internet only through xfinity and was searching the peacock app yesterday and found that i had access to the tour.

will have to check when the tour itself starts, but was able to rewatch the mens 2022 paris-roubaix race

They usually also have the commercial-free, international broadcast as an option, so you can avoid Uncle Phil and the rest of the cast of clowns.

but since Robbie McEwen is now on GCN+, I’m not certain who will handle the announcing…last year it was Andrew McCrossen, who is a bit dull (but still miles better than Uncle Phil and Bobke).

GCN + VPN. American coverage is absolutely horrible. Once you get GCN you’ll be hooked. worth the cost at any price if you are a cycling fan. you get year-round (almost daily) coverage of all types of cycling.


Promoting GCN+ again. I have a VPN, but I think you might get TdF without one. I could watch Giro without it. However, I tend to watch ‘from’ Manchester, England!

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Not in the US…NBC has the rights to ASO races. Being able to access the Giro has nothing to do with ASO.

The long highlights on GCN+ are excellent. Usually 25-40 mins long. Well worth it for catching up, if you can’t devote 5 hours a day to watching the full stages.


I would recommend with one’s eyes :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :upside_down_face:


I get Peacock for free (as we have an Amex Platinum card). I watch that on the telly on mute and run the Eurosport/GCN English commentary via a Russian site. With all due respect the American commentary team are offensively terrible.

I have GCN+ but I’ll be watching it on peacock bc Sean Kelly is a horrible announcer

That’s funny - Phil’s voice is very pleasant and I think he and Bob do a fantastic job. I also really like Dan and Matt on the GCN feed but absolutely cannot stand Sean Kelly. His presbyphonia is grating and he rambles incessantly without adding anything to the conversation. With Phil, I just have to ignore the fact he’s an idiot who liked LA for some odd reason. It doesn’t come up very often these days.

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Thanks, box on the way. Tried a half dozen ways to link/activate the account without the box but kept denying it.

15 bucks for the “install” kit is fine with me. We kept peacock last summer for 3 months total I think watching some shows and movies after TDF ended so if we did the same this year break even there.

Just a heads up, the Flex box is by far the worst streaming box I’ve ever tried to use. So much lag it’s mind numbing and mediocre UI at best (if you can get past the lag). I hope you can find a different way to use the Peacock app (Roku, AppleTV, FireStick, Media PC).

If you’re using a VPN, the ITV4 highlights show is even better IMO. It’s also and hour or 44 minutes if you skip the commercials.

I’ll do a mix of GCN+/Eurosport for key stages where I want to watch more and then the ITV4 highlights for sprint and ITT stages.

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FWIW, the 3rd party streaming apps on the regular Xfinity boxes are the same…especially Disney+. Sounds like it is bug with their systems, not the streaming box.