Tour de France without commercials in the US?

Does anyone know which tier of peacock I need to get to get the commercial free feed of the TdF this year?

In the past they had the Australian feed on NBC sports gold. Now it is on peacock but there is peacock plus and peacock premium plus or something like that.

I’m happy to pay for whichever one has the commercial free TdF.

No luck with the peacock chat bots. It’s almost as if cycling isn’t a high priority for them…

Gcn plus??

Peacock has the TDF in the US, GCN+ doesn’t have it here. (Something something VPN…)

I too am interested, as I am only willing to subscribe if they still have the ‘ASO english world feed’ or whatever the proper name is, that happens to have 2 australian commentators.
That said, the commentators were different last year, and may be this year again, as I don’t know if Robbie and Matt could get back to Australia if they came to France.


No idea. Since it’s the first year with the service, we probably won’t know until the first day of the Tour. I’m just going to pay for the $10 to avoid overlaid ads like what you get on FloBikes sometimes. $10 for an entire grand tour is a steal and major value for money imo, let alone the $5 tier being stupid cheap for watching one of the biggest sporting events in the world for 23 straight days.

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It’s so cheap it’s free if you have Comcast internet. Just need to get their Flex device, which I’ve left boxed up for almost a year now……


You need to sign up for peacock premium to get all of the previous cycling pass coverage:

Matt and Robbie have been doing commentary from AU for local channel SBS for the Giro and other races. I’d image they will be doing the same for TdF

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