Alternatives to Tour de France on Peacock in USA

Not a fan of Peacock coverage, its better than nothing.

I’ve got a VPN. Just created SBS On Demand account for Australian coverage.

Any other alternatives worth considering?


I assume they will no longer have the Eurosport feeds available in parallel? I always picked those over NBC feeds.


I’ve always used the International feed on Peacock (in preference to Christian VdV and Bob Roll)


Oh, I didn’t realize this was available on peacock! I was planning to watch on tiz but it might be worth $6 for the month of July to not have to deal with constantly refreshing tiz and only being able to watch live.

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How would I select the International feed?

Previous years I believe Peacock called these the commercial free or world feeds. Thats what I watched.

As usual, there is no easy-to-find info on what Peacock will offer. Every search ends up with year old info.

Anybody have Peacock and can see if world feed / commercial free will be offered?

It’s usually one of the options to select when you go “Cycling” during the TdF. Just scroll to the right after being presented with the NBC feed

I would be kinda surprised if Peacock did not offer the world feed as they have in years past.

That said, if you have a Flo subscription, you can use a VPN and access the international feed there. That is what I have been doing for ASO races this year and it works just fine.

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in the past there have been 2 available streams for each stage. One that’s longer because it has commercials and pre-commentary with an image that’s something more exciting looking and one that’s just a single color. It might also be a choice between yellow versus grey for the same stage feed.

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I use an IPTV provider (Anubis TV, but you can use anything) and then watch it on my TV or phone through Eurosport.

Yeah - that is what I was referring to above - perhaps not Eurosport - but commercial free, full live feeds/replays (or full-ish for the longer stages where they start 50-100 kms in).

British, Euro, or AU accents and entertaining/knowledgeable commentary. Good fast-forward / rewind functionality on the app.

I would not need/want anything more than that. I just looked on the app - I can’t yet see/tell if there is more than one option per stage. The icon has both the exciting real life picture and the TdF logo placard side by side. Maybe that is a good sign?

With VPN, if you have access to a EU PayPal account or credit card, then UK’s Discovery+ gets you EuroSport coverage.

Their commentary is my preferred option, although one guy I could do without, and the cuts to Contador and Wiggins on the bikes is also painful and unnecessary.

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As of now my Peacock app is only displaying one stream for each stage of the Tour. They do change things frequently though.

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I might be misremembering but for the “big” stages (i.e. the opening and closing ones) then the NBC feed is the only option

“… have access to a EU PayPal account or credit card …”

Aye, there’s the rub. VPN is easy. Getting an EU PayPal set up is not.


I kind of like the cuts to ex-pros on the bike. Yeah, their commentary is often meh, but seeing them interact with their old teammates and/or rivals is often a nice spot of comic relief.

Currently Peacock is only showing one option per stage. Will see if that changes when the race starts. I usually watch the world feed so will be somewhat disappointed if it’s not on offer this year.


Thanks. I’m going to start with browser ProtonVPN to Australia and get the Aussie SBS coverage.


The SBS route you describe above has worked for me for several races this year. The Australian commentators aren’t my favorite but are far superior to the US feed on peacock.

I’m planning to do a free peacock trial Saturday to see how the feed options look. I’ll use sbs if the peacock feeds are awful or pay for a month of peacock if they have a decent feed option


FWIW I think Peacock will also have lots of Olympics coverage, so possibly worth paying for 2 months…

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